Benefits to Different Kinds of Specialty Glass

The world of glass is extensive and often times confusing. You need to be informed to decide which type of glass is right for you. Here are some basics involving the different types of specialty glass:





Patterned Glass:

This is a type of glass that is flat and has a surface exhibiting a regular pattern. A common way of creating this type of glass is to pass the heated glass (fresh out the furnace) between rollers with the desired pattern etched into them. Patterned glass is generally used in internal decoration and architecture. Light can get in through this glass, but transparency is obscured. 

Tinted Glass:

A glass’ tint is given to it during during the process of its creation, and so it never fades. There are many benefits to tinted glass. It minimizes heat and AC loss, saving you money on energy bills. It reduces glare. It creates privacy. It even blocks UV rays. With such a wide array of benefits, installing tinting glass in your home is always a good choice.

Toughened Glass:

This one is self explanatory; toughened glass is much harder to break than regular annealed glass. When it does break, it does so in a much more predictable manner. It is made from annealed glass treated with a thermal tempering process. Toughened glass has a wide variety of applications from home, to business, to automotive. It’s biggest claim to fame is in regards to its safety.


These are just a few of the types of specialty glass available. For more information, give Armstrong’s Glass and Mirror a call at (817) 937-6267.