Effects Of UV Light On Humans

picture of sunlightNot much gets associated with the natural as much as sunlight. Still, that doesn’t mean its effects do you good. While it has proven an integral part to life as we know it, it also causes a lot of damage. We’ve listed some of the ways UV light affects your body:


It damages your DNA:

UV light also gets referred to as UV radiation. Like all radiation, it destroys the chemical bonds inside your DNA. This often causes premature aging of the skin. Also, scientists have proven a strong association between UV rays and skin cancer.

It makes your skin produce melanin:

UV radiation causes your body to produce melanin to protect itself. While this may give you a nice looking tan, this protection doesn’t provide 100% effectiveness.

It causes eye damage:

UV light hitting your eyeballs for long periods of time can cause them damage. Damage gets created this way similar to the way it gets created in skin. It commonly gets referred to as “snow blindness” because it can even get caused by the reflection in the snow.


Remember to use sunscreen when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. If you want solar screen installation to help protect you from UV light, Armstrong’s Glass and Mirror can help. For more information, give us a call at (817) 937-6267.