Handicap Accessible Shower

Handicap Accessible Shower

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For a lot of people, taking a shower can be a relaxing way to end the day. However, there are thousands of people who have to worry about how to take a shower that stress-free and easy. If you have restricted mobility or are a senior citizen, it can be difficult to enjoy a shower. At Armstrong's Glass & Mirror, we want to make everyone’s experience, whether you are disabled or not, to be comfortable and pleasant no matter what. If you have limited mobility or are looking for a safe and comfortable shower for your elderly family member, we are able to help you! We are able to provide installations for a handicap accessible shower in Fort Worth, TX, that will make it easier and more relaxing to take a shower. Our technicians work closely with our customers in order to satisfy their needs so their bathroom can be a worry-free zone. Give our bath and shower enclosure professionals a call today at 817-937-6267 to install a handicap accessible shower!

Comfortable and Accessible Showers

Comfortable and Accessible Shower

Have a Comfortable and Enjoyable Shower When We Install a Handicap Accessible Shower in Your Home.

Our first priority for our customers is their safety, so we will always rule out a bathtub installation. A bathtub can be very dangerous to get in and out of, so our technicians suggest a shower that will make getting in and out more comfortable and stress-free. If you currently have a bathtub in your bathroom, we are able to replace it with the handicap accessible shower of your choosing. We have many showers to choose from, with roll-in showers and transfer showers being the most popular.

Not only will our technicians make sure your shower fits in your bathroom, but that it is customized to your specific needs. We carry a number of accessories for handicap accessible showers such as grab bars, seats, and slip resistant flooring. If you ever want to add any safety features in the future, we are more than happy to install them! With our installations for a handicap accessible shower in Fort Worth, TX, you won’t just have a safe and comfortable, but a stylish one at that.

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All of our handicap accessible showers are easily accessible, giving our customers and their loved ones peace of mind. If you are looking at preventative safety products for your bathroom, we can always provide a shower installation that can be adapted to meet any changes. With our handicap accessible shower in Fort Worth, TX, you are able to have a safe shower that offers you more independence and comfortability. Call our team today at 817-937-6267 if you want to set up an installation today.