Fort Worth, TX Glass Table Top Service

Glass Table Top Service

For a Glass Table Top in Fort Worth, TX, Call Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror!

Our furniture like desks, dining room tables and coffee tables serve important functions to our home. Because of this, why not protect them from scratches and other damages? If you are looking to protect your investment, call Armstrong's Glass & Mirror today! We are able to install a glass table top in Fort Worth, TX for your home or business. We are able to customize glass table tops for a variety of pieces such as your antique tables, bedside table, desks, and more! Glass thickness ranges from ¼” to ¾” and we are able to offer different types of tints and edge-work to your glass table top. For an affordable way to protect your furniture, call our glass specialists at 817-937-6267 today.

Glass Table Top Repair and Replacement

Glass Table Top Repair and Replacement

We Can Offer Repairs and Replacements for Your Glass Table Top.

If you already have a glass table top that requires a repair or you want to upgrade to a newer tabletop, we have got you covered! There are many reasons why a someone might choose to get repairs or a replacement. Repairs might be necessary if a tempered glass was not used or a replacement might be needed if your furniture is starting to fade due to UV rays. Fortunately, we are able to address all of your concerns. If you have small children or you want a sturdier glass table top, we offer tempered and laminated glass. For those who have furniture that has been damaged due to the sun, we have tinted glass that can shield your furniture from the sun’s UV rays.

We want our customers to have an amazing tabletop in Fort Worth, TX that will protect their furniture and keep it in good condition, so we offer consultations to determine what type of glass is needed for your particular furniture. We are able to customize tables to specific sizes, finishing them in different edge choices like octagon, oval, racetrack, rectangle, or square. We even offer flat, pencil, and beveled polish edges to give your furniture a more ornate look. Give us a call today to get an estimate for your glass table!

Install a Custom Glass Table Top

Let our glass technicians come to your home and measure your furniture. We can find the correct size as well as find the perfect edge for your tabletop. We will not begin our glass table top installation until we give you your estimate. Begin a consultation for a custom table top in Fort Worth, TX by calling us at 817-937-6267 today!