Are Solar Screens Worth the Investment?

solar blinds on skylight

What is a solar screen?

The Texas summers can be brutal, and homeowners are always looking for ways to cool their home, preferably with less or no electricity. Solar panels have popped up on rooftops all across the country, with Texas being fifth in having the most solar panels installed. Texas is in the top ten states with solar screen installation.   

They make solar screens to go over the outside of the windows to block the bright and hot glare of the sun.  They are made from a tightly weaved mesh in a dark color screen. Solar screen installation can be fastened to the exterior side of the window or installed on the interior. Manufacturers claim they can block up to ninety percent of the heat so that it doesn’t enter the home.

What are the different types of solar screens?

Solar screens come in various densities for different solar screen installation.  Depending on the manufacturer, solar screen installation can block as much as sixty-five to ninety-nine percent of the sun’s heat and UV rays and heat, yet, you still have visibility out.

Depending on the color of the screen mesh you choose for your solar screen installation, not only will the block the sun’s heat and UV rays, a solar screen installation provides a level of privacy during the day. The darker the color, the more transparent, like black or brown, allowing higher visibility out. The lighter color of solar screens material is typically thicker and seeing through them in or out is harder, giving you more privacy.

How are solar screens installed?

Installing solar screens is best done by the company where you purchase them. They will have a guarantee and warranty, giving you support for your solar screen installation. However, a homeowner with a little DIY skill can do it the job yourself.

For your DIY solar screen installation, can fasten to the window frame directly, experts recommend installing the so that they cover the whole window to get the most cooling benefit. The following are basic steps, you should refer to the solar screen installation instructions the manufacturers include. You can also find videos on the internet that can provide detailed instructions.

  • Step One: Check where screws can be installed without hitting glass.
  • Step Two: Measure the window width left to right
  • Step Three: Measure the window height from top to bottom
  • Step Four: Using a quarter inch drill, using screws that match in color, complete your solar screen installation

 How long do solar screens last?

The quality can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, most realistic lifespan for your solar screen installation final job is twenty to thirty years. However, the manufacturer’s representative will state they last as long as you live in your home. 

Are solar screens worth the money?

Definitely!  Anything you can do to block or reduce the amount of the sun’s heat and UV rays coming into your home, the less your air conditioner has to work. When the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard, it uses less electricity.

As we have mentioned already, solar screen installation can reduce anywhere from sixty-five percent to ninety-nine percent of the heat and UV rays that heat your home. It can vary from the quality of the screens used for your solar screen installation. 

Still not convinced that solar screen installation isn’t right for your home? Keep reading as we give you a few facts to consider: 

back patio with regular blinds

Benefits of solar screens

In states where the climate is warmer, even hot like summers in Texas, the sun’s bright light creates an uncomfortable glare and the warmth makes a home hotter inside. A solar screen installation job reduces that glare and heat that comes in through the windows. This makes it more comfortable in the house while reducing your cooling expenses. Other benefits of a solar screen installation:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Insulating
  • Reduces sun’s glare and heat
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Provides Privacy
  • Can be removed during cooler weather
  • Solar screen disadvantages

While there are many benefits to having solar screen installation job, there are a few disadvantages that you should consider before making the investment:

  • Outside view partially obstructed
  • Less outside light coming in makes home darker
  • Damage easily if misfit or mis-installed
  • Price range can be affordable to expensive quality varying with pricing 

You should consider the windows that will benefit the most from solar screen installation job so that you get the most ROI possible. A room that has a lot of sunlight is the ideal room, the need not be installed all the way around your home.

Because a solar screen installation will provide privacy, they are ideal on bathroom and bedroom windows. Any room that the outside view is one to be enjoyed, unless there is bright sunlight that you want to minimize, these are windows you may consider not including in your solar screen installation. Want to get started on solar blind installation in Fort Worth, TX? Call 817-937-6267 today.

How Do You Attach a Frameless Mirror to the Wall?

mirror installation

How Do You Attach a Frameless Mirror to the Wall?

Mirror installation can be a very intricate process. This is especially the case with a frameless mirror installation. You will need a pencil and measuring tape and you will need to mark on the wall where the mirror installation will go. Next, you will need to get your brackets and your number two pencil. You will circle where your screws are going to go. Check to see if you have a wood stud on the drywall, or if there is just air. The anchor bolts can then be hammered in. Make sure the bolt is flush against the wall. Then you can screw in the mirror brackets. It will be important for you to review several tutorials and to speak with an expert if possible in order to ensure that your mirror installation goes off without a hitch.

How Do You Put a Mirror on the Wall?

Are you wondering how to put a mirror on the wall? You can certainly move forward with this DIY project. Please review the following bullet points to learn more.

  • If you need to hang a heavy mirror or picture, it will be urgent for you to make sure that you are hammering into a stud so that your mirror has adequate support.
  • Mark the center of the stud.
  • Hold the mirror up to where you would like to hang it. 
  • Mark where you would like to hang the mirror with a pencil.
  • Look at the back of the mirror and note where the d-rings or wire are.
  • You can hang the mirror from two hooks on the wall. To get the right amount of space between the hooks, use a level, and mark the amount of space between the d-rings with a piece of tape.
  • Lock the brackets onto the ring, measure the hole to the top of the mirror, and transfer this distance to the wall using the line as a guide. Center the level on the wall and mark the holes with a pencil.
  • Install the hardware with a drill or necessary tools.
  • Gently install the mirror on the hooks.

How Do You Mirror a Cheap Wall?

Would you like to mirror your wall? There are a lot of DIY projects that are fairly easy to complete. If you have square mirrors (12 x 12), a level, a bare expanse of wall, and indoor mounting square tape, you can easily mirror the wall. The first thing to do is to measure the space. Even though this is an inexpensive process, it will be important to get it right the first time. Make sure that you orient the mirrors where you want them and try testing out the tape with one mirrored segment beforehand. It is always important to do a lot of research to ensure that you have the right materials, the right processes, and the right approach.

Is it Good to Put Mirror in the Living Room?

Personal preferences are important. If you are living in a space that needs some decor, it may be a good idea to contemplate putting a mirror in your living room. If you are living alone, you can make the decision based upon your tastes and any possible benefits. If you have a partner, it will be important to discuss the advantages of putting a mirror in the living room together. Mirrors have lots of advantages, but it is important to weigh any possible disadvantages as well. Mirrors can bring light and warmth into a room, and serve an important function. They can also make small spaces appear larger and more appealing. Whatever the choice, please make sure your mirror is installed properly and is pleasing to your sense of style.

How Do I Mirror a Wall at Home?

While it is true that small DIY projects can be a fun undertaking, it’s also important to make sure you’re not taking on a project that is too large for you to handle alone. Calling a professional company to install a mirrored wall would probably be the best course of action if the wall is large, or the mirrors are large. Avoiding a big accident is always an important precaution. There are a couple of considerations that are important to ponder. For instance, will the mirrors be reflecting the light in a way that you desire? Will the mirrors look in the space?

What is Mirror Installation

There are different methods for mirror installation. Adhesive installation is a process whereby an adhesive or glue is put on the mirror and it is attached directly to the wall. Another form is through measuring and applying brackets to the wall, and then inserting the mirror in the brackets. Since these two forms of mirror installation can be divisive, it is important to consider which method would be best for your home or apartment.

Mirror Installation for Dance Studio

If you need a professional mirror installation for your dance studio, it will be important for you to consult a professional mirror installation company. This is because, for such an endeavor, it will take skill and precision. Your installation should have longevity and durability.

Mirror for Installation

Mirrors are beautiful accompaniments to a living space. In order to make sure that you have the right mirror for your space, please be sure to get the right materials and the right mirror for your installation.

mirror installation

Mirror Installation Art

Due to its ability to reflect the light and surroundings, mirror art installations are a classic part of the art scene. There are many different mirror art installations to be seen across the globe. Please be sure to look over them to see if you can incorporate any such elements in your mirror installation.

If you need a professional mirror installation in Fort Worth, TX you deserve the best. Please reach out to us at 817-937-6267 to reach a member of our team.

How can you make windows more energy efficient?

window construction

What is the most energy efficient window?

Having energy efficient windows in your home helps you all year round save money as less heat or cold escapes through your windows. While there are specific windows that actually are made and designed to stop the loss of energy from inside the home, there are also alternative ways to help save energy through your windows. While they may appear minor, the suggestions actually help in a variety of ways:

  • Cover your windows: Covers like drapes and blinds keep in heat and cool air while preventing the outside temperature from seeping in. 
  • Window film: Filming your window not only blocks much of the sunlight that enters through your window like covers, but also reduces glare and helps prevent the fade that happens on furniture on furniture.
  • Up to date window frames: On occasion, the insulation or framing that holds your window into place degrades. Repairs and replacement will solve the problem. 

All of these suggestions can help you save money and put less strain on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. When you add energy efficient windows however, each measure goes further than it would with a regular window. With the build up of methods, you can not only reap the energy saving benefits that can be found in your windows, but also have less of a chance for diseases like melanoma. 

We recommend low-E energy efficient windows due to being designed to save you energy for through your windows. When needing window services in Fort Worth, TX, contact {nw_data field=company} through our number 817-937-6267 to set up an appointment today.

How can you make windows more energy efficient?

On top of the suggestions already provided, there are several more ways that can save you energy specifically through your windows. When using double paned windows, a person can save a relatively large percentage of energy/money on their electric bill by applying this or a low-E energy efficient window to their home. Along with relative climate control inside of the home with practices such as closing the drapes, curtains, or blinds, the homeowner will see a boon in how much money they save each month. While it may seem like a larger effort, an awning and storm panels can also help in negating the heat that enters the home through your windows. 

When it comes to the colder months, everyone likes to stay warm inside of their own home and can help with that by taking a quick check to their windows’ sealing. Particularly found in older windows, sealing will degrade over time and will need slight repairs to be fully functional in keeping the heat inside. Re-caulking when necessary can be highly effective in keeping cold air out while helping to insulate the inside of the home.

Should I replace all windows at once?

For a homeowner, window replacement is an expected event in their home living. It is recommended that a person commits to window replacement when there is damage indicating the service is necessary. It is not thereby recommended to do it on any windows that do not need the service due to that they are built to last when installed. Unless it is for an aesthetic reason, replacing every window in your home may likely not have the same effect as only replacing those that need the action. 

It is difficult to entirely say if a new window will save a houshold money due to a few factors. One is whether the home is modern or older, older homes are generally outfitted with single pane windows that are inferior to double pane windows that are much more prevalent today. Furthermore, if the measures previously mentioned are not taken, a person will still see a considerable amount of energy wasted. The answer to the problem thereby depends on if the home simply has single pane windows, of which waste more energy than energy efficient windows as well as double paned.

door windows

What are the benefits of low E glass?

There are several benefits that low-E coating and windows will grant on a home that will save the homeowner get the advantage of an energy efficient home. Low-E or low emissivity windows which by definition mean that when absorbing the energy from sunlight the surface does not get as hot as others do. In this case, low-E windows can mean a coating or the material of glass used. In relative terms, the addition of low-E windows would prevent as much heat coming in while less heat escapes thanks to the properties that come with the window. The properties that benefit the homeowner in low-E windows last around ten to fifteen years depending on the natural weather of the area. These windows also strongly prevent fading on inside decorations and furniture which will help keep the color in various present fabrics. With the amount of money you will save in energy bills, energy efficient windows are definitely worth consideration. Call Armstrong's Glass & Mirror at 817-937-6267 today to set up an appointment for installation or repair in Fort Worth, TX.

How Much Does Frameless Shower Glass Cost?

frameless shower glass enclosed space

Beautiful glass for your shower

When remodeling a bathroom, it is usually intended to make it bigger, or at least feel bigger, to update it, or both, bigger and updated. Nothing can do both better than to install a frameless shower glass door. If you’re old school kind of person though, you may ask “Will a frameless shower door leak?”, and that is a legitimate concern and valid question. 

There are tiny gaps at the hinges and along the sides of frameless shower doors, but when installed properly, the chances of leakage are unlikely.  Besides having a metal track along the bottom that minimizes any water build-up at the base of the shower, there are guidelines and tips that will ensure your frameless shower glass door doesn’t leak:

  1. Slope the shower pan inward during installation to encourage the water to go with the natural flow toward the drain inside the shower.
  2. Even with vinyl molding along the frameless shower glass door, make sure the showerhead is aimed away from the door and seams.
  3. Check the molding along the seams frequently and replace them as needed. You can find videos online to learn how to caulk frameless shower glass so you don’t have to pay a contractor for this simple home maintenance routine.
  4. Hire a reputable company and contractor that knows how to install frameless shower glass to be sure it is installed properly and that you have a guarantee and warranty.

Are frameless glass shower doors safe?

The look that a frameless shower glass door gives a bathroom has made this a popular feature among homeowners. However, it is understandable that there is a concern about their safety, especially with children in the house.  

Both framed and frameless shower glass doors have had reports of shattering, even in the middle of the night when not in use or anyone near them. These reports have been on doors made by various companies and are rare. The glass used in this popular design for a frameless shower glass door is a specially hardened glass that minimizes any shatter risk.  They design this type of glass to break in small, uniform-shaped pieces with rounded edges. Because of this, there is a reduced risk of anyone being hurt. On the rare occasions this happens, it is one of the following reasons:

  • Small cracks where clips and frame meet
  • Improper transport
  • Improper installation
  • Prolonged use

What is better frameless or framed shower doors?

They usually make both framed and a frameless shower glass door with tempered glass that is treated for easy cleaning. Thinner glass is used for framed doors because it is supported by the frame which is typically aluminum and sometimes finished in a smooth or textured powder-coating in various colors. The glass is then sealed as they install it into the frame so it doesn’t leak.

Frameless shower glass doors are made of a thicker version of the tempered glass and the clips, hinges, and door are set into that thicker glass. Clear silicone is used to caulk the corners and edges to seal them to the glass. Most of them will have a rubber “sweep” installed along the bottom to keep any water from leaking out.

What is the best thickness for shower glass?

Frameless shower glass doors design is not a one-size-fits-all. They can customize them in a wide selection of glass sizes, tints, and types, but your focus should be the thickness of the glass. As a universal rule, a stationary Frameless shower glass panel is half-inch glass. However, a frameless shower glass door will be opened and closed, 3/8-inch glass is recommended.

A frameless shower glass door can break or shatter in just a minute, so it is important that if you’re going with a custom frameless shower glass door, it is built right to make it safe. The thinner the glass may save you money, but it is putting your family at risk. It is best to have your frameless shower glass door installed by a professional, if for no other reason than to give you peace of mind.

How much does frameless shower glass cost?

Is it the ease of maintenance, less grime and mold build-up, or the open and pristine appearance frameless shower glass doors offer that is attracting homeowners? Whatever the reason, they aren’t a passing phase, even though they are the more expensive way to go.

The cost of having a frameless shower glass door averages around $1,000. Yes, you can save a few hundred dollars if you do it yourself, but as we have stated already, having a professional install the door for you comes with a higher price tag but a peace of mind too. 

large sitting shower with two shower heads and a frameless glass exterior

Do frameless shower screens leak?

There are rubber gaskets and silicone caulking around frameless shower glass edges that should keep water out. However, over time, they both crack can leak started. By checking them periodically and resealing with a clear silicone caulking or have the gasket replaced by a professional, you can stop the leaks before they start. The same is recommended if your frameless glass shower door not closing properly. Having a professional repair these issues is the safest way to take care of your frameless shower glass door.

There are advantages and disadvantages to anything, and that includes frameless shower glass doors.  Here we offer you the following advantages: 

  • Sleek Stylish Appearance
  • Easier to clean and keep clean
  • Resistant to mold and mildew

And the following disadvantages:

  • No seal to keep water in
  • Precise and proper installation a must
  • Rare chance of glass shattering

With all the information we’ve provided here and answered questions, if you choose to go with a frameless shower glass door, you’ll be informed and ready! Dial 817-937-6267 today for your frameless glass installation in Fort Worth, TX from Armstrong's Glass & Mirror.

How Does Skylight Work?

New red metal roof with skylights

Learn More About Skylights

A skylight is a great way to have added natural light and open ambiance to any room of a property. The sense of space can feel more expansive and will allow occupants to get in touch with the outside view of nature while being safe from weather changes by being indoors. When you’re interested in installing a  skylight take into consideration the type you’d prefer in conjunction with your property’s specifications. It’s recommended to get in touch with a professional who’ll be able to comply with these details. Until you reach out to someone, consider the following points about skylights.

Are skylights a good idea?

A skylight can be a great way to add natural light ambiance to any room without using up electricity or other lighting. They can make space feel less claustrophobic and add scenery from looking out into nature. Venting skylights can also open up to let fresh air in when indoor air becomes stagnant.

What are the different types of skylights?

There are different styles of skylights out there that can make the aesthetic match with your particular preferences. The three main skylight types can be considered to be fixed, tubular or ventilating. The different shapes can range from arched, flat, domes and tubular. What’s more, the glazes of a skylight is generally chosen to be glass or plastic.

What is the best skylight material?

As far as skylight material glass glazing is generally more expensive than plastic yet is the better option if durability is preferred. What’s more, it won’t discolor which can be a better aesthetic for some people. When the glass is made for a skylight it will typically be made of safety glazing materials such as the glass being laminated or tempered.

What size skylight should I get?

The size of your skylight shouldn’t be more than 5% of the area of the floor with rooms that already have a lot of windows. With rooms that have few windows, the size of the skylight should be no more than 15% of the total floor area. Consider the placement of your skylight complying with passive solar heating potential or maximum daylight.

interior view of a modern living room with a skylight and fireplace

What is the best skylight?

  • Sunoptics SUN Skylight – Best Skylight for Flat Roof.
  • Natural Light Energy Systems 13″ Solar Sky Light Kit – Best Home Skylights.
  • FAKRO FWU Egress Roof Window – Best Roof Window.
  • Velux FCM Skylight – Best Skylight for Bathroom.
  • Velux 14 in. Sun Tunnel – Best Tubular Skylight.

What is the life expectancy of a skylight?

The life expectancy of a skylight is seen to last 8-15 years depending on the quality of the manufacturing as well as how properly installed it was. With incorrect installation, you may be more prone to leaking skylight edges where the skylight connects to the frame of the building.

How much do skylight windows cost?

A skylight that’s fixed will usually have a price scale of $200 or higher. Depending on the size of the window and how complex the roof system is the cost of installation will range as well. You may see this cost fall around $400-$1300 per skylight window.

Can skylight be washed?

Your skylight should ideally be cleaned at the very least once a year yet may need two or more depending on the condition of the skylight and regional climate patterns. It’s recommended to clean a skylight when sky conditions are cloudy as the direct sunlight overhead can lead to water streaks post-cleaning.

Why does my skylight leak?

A skylight might leak for several reasons, some can include damaged flashing like with corrosion or if the flashing or skylight was improperly installed. With improper installation, you can see the water getting through the upslope of the skylight and thereby leaking around the skylight’s framing.

Can a skylight be repaired?

Yes, there are several ways that a skylight can be repaired depending on the damage that’s been inflicted. With any gaps or holes in flashing, for example, a tube or can of roofing cement can seal any openings. Yet with leaks around the skylight lens 100% caulking silicone will need to be used around the skylight lens. If leaks continue hat the metal flashing itself will need to be repaired or replaced around the frame of the skylight.

Contact A Professional For Assistance

If you find that your skylight is having some trouble contact your local services for skylight repair in Fort Worth, TX. It’s best to undergo maintenance with a trained professional who is familiar with home systems so problems can be addressed and fixed with preventing repetitive troubles from emerging in the future. If you believe that there are more underlying issues with your home it’s recommended to get a residential home inspection in Fort Worth, TX so any hidden issues can be fixed as well. Benefit from a skylight today and increase the appeal of your home.

If you’re interested in a skylight in Fort Worth, TX call 817-937-6267 with Armstrong's Glass & Mirror! 

What Type of Glass is Used for Shelving?

Plants and Containers on Glass Shelves.

What type of glass is used for shelving?

If you are planning to install glass shelves in your home, you’ll have an elegant shelving system that blends perfectly with your interior design. When choosing glass shelves, the most common types of glass used is either tempered or annealed glass. You may wonder, “Do I need tempered glass for shelves?” While tempered glass is most often used for glass shelving, you can use annealed glass, especially if the shelving unit is relatively small. 

Tempered glass is often used because it is safer than annealed, and can be used for larger units. If broken, tempered glass will shatter into small pieces, whereas annealed glass breaks into large shards that can be dangerous. Tempered glass is typically stronger, easier to customize, and rarely cracks.

Are you looking to install glass shelves in Fort Worth, TX? Armstrong's Glass & Mirror is the team to call for all your glass shelving needs. We can customize your shelving to making it a perfect fit for wherever you plan to place it. To schedule services, give us a call today at 817-937-6267.

Are glass shelves strong?

The strength of glass shelves depends on the type of glass used and its thickness. While durable, annealed glass that is ¼-inch thick or less can’t hold more than about 70 pounds, even if it has a lot of support. Tempered glass is about four times as strong as annealed glass. Commercial glass shelves tend to be designed between ⅜-inch to ⅝-inch thick and capable of holding moderately heavy items. It’s capacity to hold more increases if the support brackets are close together. If you have a 1-inch thick tempered glass shelf with support brackets five feet apart, the shelving can hold up to 200 pounds. If the support brackets are one foot apart the glass could hold more than 5,000 pounds, but the heavier the load, the more at risk the shelves are of breaking.

Because shelving is often used to hold books, and other heavier items, you may wonder “Can glass shelves hold books?” Yes, you can place books on glass shelves. How many books the shelves can hold will depend on the thickness of the glass and the span limit of the shelves. Span limits are the maximum distance that you can set apart the shelving supports. For tempered glass, you can place about 117 pounds on a shelf that is ¼-inch thick x 11-inches wide and supported every 24 inches. With annealed glass of the same thickness, you can support only about 29 pounds.

How wide can a glass shelf be?

Overall, glass shelves technically could be any width or thickness, but the wider and thicker the glass the closer the span distance needs to be for the glass to manage any sort of weight without breaking. There are several calculators online that can help you determine precisely how long and wide a shelf can be based on the span between support brackets.

Glass shelves vs wood shelves

If you are choosing shelving and want to determine whether to get glass shelves or wood shelves, much will depend on what you’re putting on the shelves, and where the shelves are going.

While both glass and wood shelves can hold heavy weights, depending on thickness and support span, wood shelves tend to be sturdier when it comes to heavier items like big books. With glass shelves, you’ll need to have a pretty good idea about how much heavier items weigh before placing them on the shelves. Glass shelves are often much more aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for highlighting collectibles, especially small items. 

Glass shelves are also ideal for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, especially when it comes to cleaning them. Glass shelves can be cleaned with many household cleansers with no harm, whereas wood shelves can become damaged by some stronger cleansers. Wood shelves in the living room, however, can be very warm and inviting.

Other considerations like children and pets may affect your decision between glass or wood. No matter how thick it is, glass can still be really dangerous when it breaks, and could hurt the person or pet that breaks it.

Glass shelves can enhance bathrooms, but bathrooms aren’t complete without a good shower with plenty of hot water. If your water heater is malfunctioning, you will need water heater repair to ensure there is always plenty of hot water for your bathroom.

How do you hang a glass shelf on a wall?

Hanging glass shelves needs to be done with care. Here are some basic steps to ensure your glass shelves are hung safely.

  • Choose the right thickness that will support the items you’re placing on the shelves. Use online calculators to help you determine the right thickness.
  • Get fasteners designed for glass shelves. The fasteners should fit the thickness of the glass.
  • Mark the area on the wall where you plan to hang the shelves. Make sure the marks are at the same height and draw a line between them as a guide for attaching the fasteners to the wall.
  • The fasteners are then screwed into the wall studs.
  • The shelving is placed into the fasteners to keep the glass stable. 

How much are glass shelves

Glass shelf prices will vary depending on the type of glass you use, as well as the thickness of the glass. A single small glass shelf for your bathroom may cost as little as $13, whereas custom shelves could cost $50 or more for each shelf. Other options such as beveling may have additional costs for customization. Installing shelves on average costs anywhere from about $215 to $430.

Tempered Glass Shelves.

Glass shelves near me

If you are thinking about installing glass shelves in Fort Worth, TX, look to the experts at Armstrong's Glass & Mirror. We can help you select and install your shelves. Give us a call at 817-937-6267.

What Does Insulated Glass Mean?

Layers of Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass Definition

The term insulated glass materials are created by stacking multiple pieces of glass together and then sealing the edges. An air space is left to create a single unit and is an effective way to reduce heat transfer through a process of glazing. A configuration most commonly used in architecture is insulating glass is 1/4″ glass with 1/2″ air space and another 1/4″ layer of glass.

Insulated glass materials are often referred to in the industry as an “IGU” and when used in combination with Low-E or reflective glass coatings, it becomes an effective way of conserving energy and comply with energy requirement in building codes, such as using insulated glass in windows. In this article, we are going to answer some common questions about this product and how it is used.

Are glass windows energy efficient?

More than 40% of the average household’s budget is spent on cooling and heating. By installing the correct selection of exterior doors and windows, that amount is significantly lowered. When the savings are considered over the lifetime of the doors and windows, the expense of having them installed more than balances out.

It is the advancements that have been made in this technology using a glass coating, spacer system, and the precision-engineered designs to create insulated glass materials that have achieved these desired results for specific needs and personal preferences.

In areas of the country where the weather may have the extreme cold, extreme heat, or if direct sunlight is constant, installing windows made of insulated glass materials is the best way to assure year-round comfort and energy-saving means. And upgrade to a laminated security glass provides a layer of security, leading to additional peace of mind as well.

How does insulated glass work?

Insulated glass materials aredesigned with the purpose to keep homes warm in the cold months of winter and cool in the hot months of summer. The common manufacturing of insulated glass panels is done by stacking multiple panes of glass together with a spacer in between each one to keep them separated and then seal those pieces of glass and the spacers together around the edge.

Argon, krypton, or other types of noble gas is used to fill the airspace to create the insulating material. There are two surfaced to each glass pane, creating the typical double-paned glass with four surfaces.

This gas that is used to create the insulated glass materials provides additional insulation. Because gas is denser than air, it is less likely to allow heat to conduct through the insulated glass materials, and when combined with a Low-e glass coating, the total u-value is improved.

U-value is how the heat transmission is measured, and the lower the u-value number, the better the insulating glass unit. The u-value for a window is improved over 15% with 90% argon gas fill is used instead of air and in combination with Low-e insulated glass materials. With krypton used in a similar process, the u-value is improved to as much as27%. This combination is costly and time-consuming, which affects the end price paid by the consumer.

Is insulated glass tempered?

Buildings are constructed with four core types of insulated glass materials, with each one having a unique property making them best for certain applications. Those four types of glass are:

  • Annealed Glass
  • Heat Strengthened Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Insulated Glass

The key variables of these four types of glass are the strength, the breakage pattern and the thermal properties. The creation of these four types is briefly described here:

  • Annealed Glass is made from the “float” plant and is manufactured by materials of dolomite, limestone, salt cake, silica sand, and soda ash being melted together at 2700 degrees Fahrenheit. In a nonstop process, it is then floating out over a pool of molten tin.
  • Heat Strengthened Glass is heated to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and cooled rapidly. This enables it to tolerate speedy and uneven swings in temperature when combined with an insulation backing and is in existence of specific Low-E coatings. Heat strengthened glass is stronger than annealed glass because it is placed in 1100 to 1500-degree oven after being sized which strengthens it.
  • Tempered Glass resist blunt impact more effectively, and should it be broke, it shatters into zillions of little pieces, lessening the cutting hazards. It is because of this safety feature it is used in doors, especially shower doors, and for glass handrails, and anywhere there is a high rate of activity. Tempered glass is first sized then placed in a tempering oven. It is then cooled quicker than heat strengthened glass to create a permanent evenness of compression and tension within the glass. Next, the surface layers are stretched across the inner layer tightly to create a strength that is four to five times more than annealed glass.
  • Insulated Glass is comprised of typical insulated glass and has metal spacers. The thermal properties are improved by insulating the glass. You can find this glass in most of today’s architecture, including in warmer climates to aid with cooling.  The glass is insulated by cutting two pieces in identical size, then place a desiccant-filled spacer sandwiched between the two after cleaning them. They are then sealed together with 2 layers of sealant to seal the airspace sandwiched between the two pieces of glass which creates a layer of dry air for insulating. To reach a higher R-value, an inert gas is used to fill that space instead.

Does thicker glass insulate?

Insulating glass materials keeps the cool inside during the summer and the warmth inside during the winter by way of argon or krypton gas installed between two panes of glass. Because gas is denser than air, it provides additional insulation.

Most people ask about the thickness of glass for sound control, but there is a more important feature thicker glass provides, and after installation of a double-pane glass, detecting the thickness is impossible to see. When evaluating the thickness of glass, there are two important facts to take into consideration:

  • Thickness Explained

The American windows have 5 basic glass thicknesses that range between 2.2mm to 5.9mm thickness. These are the minimal requirements that many window manufacturers follow to select the thickness of glass for their windows. The thinnest glass is used by most builders for their single strength grade in the residential window arena, also referred to as “builder-grade”.  

  • Thicker Is Better

For a couple of reasons, double-strength glass is thicker and better than single strength. The thicker the glass, the more durable it is. Thicker glass adds to the window’s structural stability, and thicker glass is more soundproof.

Can you cut insulated glass?

Because insulating glass materials are sealed, therefore, cutting the glass could damage the seal, requiring a replacement to be ordered. Because hardware stores and home centers to not stock insulated glass, it must be order from the manufacturer.

Home Windows

Which is better for residential user, insulated glass vs low e windows?

It is completely a personal choice. Both have benefits that can appeal to you and depending on the climate where you live, one may serve you better than the other.

Double-pane glass is when two pieces of glass have been adhered together while building a window, leaving airspace in between theme that is dried to be airtight. This eliminates the likelihood of condensation forming while maximizing the insulation properties.

Low-E the abbreviation for “low emissivity” an is a metallic particle in a thin layer, or several layers, and applied to the glass. It allows the glass to perform as a sieve where the heat, referred to as long wavelengths, are filtered out, and the light spectrum referred to as short wavelengths pass through.

When it comes down to the final choice, it is a personal matter. Budget is the biggest concern when purchasing the windows, but one should consider the long-term results. By this, we mean to consider how much the better windows will save in the long run with the utilities and as a return on investment should you decide to sell your home. Need to get started on insulated glass for your home in Fort Worth, TX? Dial 817-937-6267 today for Armstrong's Glass & Mirror!

How Do You Repair a Shower Enclosure?

Glass Shower Door Repair for Large Bathroom

Can You Replace the Glass in a Shower Door?

One of the most unfortunate accidents that can happen in a bathroom is a shattered shower door. The bathroom will need to be addressed with glass shower door repair. Many would agree that the optimal solution would be to have the shower door replaced in the same style as the previous model. However, this is not always possible. Luckily, there are many glass shower door replacement options. Frameless shower glass is an excellent alternative for homeowners who are seeking a shower door replacement that would update or renovate their bathrooms. Contact a qualified shower door supplier in order to receive a full purview of the available options.

What Causes a Shower Door to Shatter?

A shower glass door that has shattered is no laughing matter. Please consult the following list for reasons why a shower door would shatter.

  • Damage has occurred around the edges of the door, making the door vulnerable to impact.
  • Inclusions have occurred. Inclusions are microscopic imperfections that eventually grow into a larger crack through the pressure layers. Over time, the cracks in the pressure layers rupture and cause the glass to shatter.
  • Faulty glass construction. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that there have been more than sixty complaints from across the U.S. over the last eight years due to shower doors shattering for no explainable reason. Journalists deduced that this was due to faulty glass production methods.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Shower Door?

Installing a new shower door can cost anywhere between $250 to $380 on average nationwide. This price is for a single door with chrome hardware on a pivot. A set of sliding glass doors with nickel hardware is more expensive. Sliding doors can cost from $350 to $700 dollars. Alternatively, a frameless shower enclosure can cost around $1,000 and a bathtub may cost as much as $900. While all of these expenditures are large, it is important to note that when glass shower doors shatter, finding an appropriate and affordable fix is possible with the help of an expert glass technician. 

Can You Replace Just One Side of a Sliding Glass Door?

For homeowners who would like to replace just one side of the sliding shower glass doors, there are options. It is advisable to contact the shower door manufacturer to see if sourcing replacement parts is a possibility. While it is true that replacement shower door parts are not easy to find, through contacting the shower door manufacturer, there may be an avenue.

Can Shower Doors Swing In?

If the shower door can swing both inwards and outwards from your shower, it is absolutely possible. However hinged shower doors that swing inwards only are not permitted by code. For safety reasons, the shower enclosure must permit unobstructed access to a showering person in case of a fall. 

Shower Door Replacement and Installation

A shower door replacement is an excellent way of dramatically upgrading a bathroom. Framed and frameless designs are available, and depending on the space available, customizable designs are well within reach. For shower door replacement and installation, it is important for homeowners to select a company that has installation professionals that are local, licensed, insured, and have gone through a background screening process. While the fabrication of a shower door may take as long as three weeks, installation usually can occur in two to three hours.

Shower Door Replacement Bar

There are many different shower door replacement parts. One of these parts is known as a shower door replacement bar. When seeking out different replacement parts for your bathroom, ensure that you use a measuring tape to gauge the depth and width that will need to be addressed. Does your bathroom need some attention? Bathroom plumbing repair can greatly assist when drains are clogged in a toilet or shower. 

Shower Door Repair Cost

Glass shower door repair costs are not extravagant. The average shower door repair cost is just shy of $200. According to some estimates, the cost of a shower door repair can be as low as $55 dollars, and as high as $600. If you have received a shower door repair estimate in the $500 dollar range, it might be more cost-effective to opt for replacing the shower door completely.

Glass Shower Door Repair for Small Bathroom

Shower Door Repair Kit

Shower door repair kits can be assembled through extensive online inquiry. For individuals who would like to repair their shower door themselves, there is a wide range of options that can be shopped on the internet. Many different home improvement websites feature varieties of replacement parts that can assist with glass shower door repair and replacement. As always, it is advisable to exercise caution and research installation methods thoroughly before attempting any serious home improvement project.

When you need glass shower door repair in Fort Worth, TX that you can rely on, call Armstrong's Glass & Mirror first at 817-937-6267. Your glass shower door repair is in good hands with our professional experts. 

How Do I Choose a Bathroom Mirror?

A Picture of a Bathroom Mirror with Vanity.

Bathroom Mirrors Ideas

Are you remodeling your bathroom and looking to add new mirrors to your bathroom? Bathroom mirrors are essential to any bathroom, as they help people get ready in the morning and in the evening. Not only do mirrors have a functional purpose, they can also elevate the aesthetic of a bathroom. There are a number of different bathroom mirrors to choose from, but with so much selection, it can be hard to choose the right one. Here is a list of the best bathroom mirrors that would work for any master bathroom or guest bathroom.

  • Vanity Mirrors: A wall-mounted vanity mirror is a type of mirror that is good to use while getting ready. They come in a wide selection of sizes that can work for any bathroom.
  • Medicine Cabinet Mirrors: The cool thing about this type of mirror is that has storage space behind the actual mirror. Usually, the storage is small shelves to put medicine or other toiletries.
  • Frameless Mirrors: Just like the name says, this type of bathroom mirror has no framing around it. The edges of the mirror are usually buffed so that the edges are not sharp or ragged.
  • Ledge Mirrors: Instead of hidden storage space behind the mirror, a ledge mirror has a permanent ledge attached so you have a place to set things.
  • Pivot Mirrors: Pivot mirrors are great as you are able to move the mirror upwards and towards to see yourself at different angles.
  • Circle Mirrors: If you are looking for something less traditional in regards to shape, circle bathroom mirrors are a great option.

What Height Should a Bathroom Mirror Be?

When choosing a bathroom mirror, many people tend to ask, “What size should a bathroom mirror be?” Deciding on the size of bathroom mirrors is going to depend on the aesthetic and style of your bathroom. You don’t want to choose a large mirror for a tiny bathroom, so knowing the style of mirror you want, plus the size of the bathroom can help you find the right sized bathroom mirror. 24-inch mirrors are the typical size for good sized bathrooms, but they can also range from 30 to 36 inches. One of the best ways to ensure you get the perfectly sized bathroom mirror is to have the mirror custom made. Custom cut bathroom mirrors are a good choice as they can be cut to the exact size and shape that you need.

Bathroom Mirror Vs Medicine Cabinet

The biggest debate when it comes to bathrooms is whether to get a bathroom mirror or a medicine cabinet. The great thing about medicine cabinets is that some of them come with mirrors, so you can have the best of both worlds. When choosing between a regular vanity mirror or medicine cabinet, it’s going to come down to how much storage space you have, how big your bathroom is, and what the style of your bathroom is. If you have a larger bathroom with lots of storage, then it makes sense to go with a regular vanity mirror or another design. A lot of people ask, “Can decorative mirrors be used in bathrooms?” and the answer is that you can use any type of mirror that you want in your bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom and you don’t have a lot of storage, it might be to your benefit to invest in a medicine cabinet mirror. That way you have a place for toiletries, but it will be hidden away behind a mirror. If you want a specific design for your mirror, its best to call someone who custom cuts mirror to specific sizes and shapes.

Can a Bathroom Mirror Be Bigger Than Vanity?

A Picture of a Wooden Vanity with Granite Countertop.

Do Mirrors Have To Match Vanity?

In terms of matching a bathroom mirror to a vanity, it makes sense to choose a mirror that is going to be two or four inches shorter than the vanity. The reason for this is because it can look a little awkward if the mirror is longer or bigger than the vanity. Another thing that homeowners are concerned with when choosing a mirror is if the mirror should match the vanity. If you aren’t concerned with matching, then the mirrors don’t have to match. Whatever type of mirror you think looks good and that you love, those are the bathroom mirrors you should go with. Just like you wouldn’t get roof repair services from a roofer who isn’t licensed or insured, you wouldn’t go to someone for mirror installation who doesn’t have the proper qualifications. If you are looking for bathroom mirrors in Fort Worth, TX, the best people to call are Armstrong's Glass & Mirror. We are able to customize bathroom mirrors to the exact shape and style that you want. To speak with one of our glass specialists, please call our office at 817-937-6267. We look forward to working with you.

Single Hung Windows Pros And Cons

Single Hung Windows, Single Hung Window Replacement

Single Hung Windows Add A Beautiful Look To Any Home.

Whenever it comes to home improvements, all of the different choices out there for types of roofing and siding can leave your head spinning. One of the most important aspects of renovating or taking care of a home is your windows, but it is often the last thing to be thought about. When you are considering what type of windows would work best for your home, why not consider single hung windows as an option?

What Are Single Hung Windows?

The name single hung refers to the way the window opens, which for a single hung window is only the bottom panel. Single hung windows are one of the more popular types of windows on the market, due to their low cost and versatility to match any type of home.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Single Hung Windows?

Single hung windows, like anything, have a lot of great qualities but also have some setbacks that homeowners should be aware of before deciding to commit to installing them in their home. In order to provide more knowledge for homeowners to help them make an educated decision when deciding the best window for their home renovation, we have conducted a list of pros and cons for single hung windows.


When it comes to being economically friendly, single hung windows are the best in the market. They generally cost 10-20% less than your standard double hung window and come with a warranty that lasts about the lifespan of the window. This allows you to correct damages without the financial strain.


The lifespan of a single hung window can be between 20-25 years, which vary on how well you, as the homeowner, take care of the window. Regular maintenance, such as routine glass cleaning, can help your window live longer than its projected lifespan, helping you get the most out of your investment.


Often times what people refer to as a single hung windows’ greatest weakness turns out to be one of its greatest strengths. Single hung windows only open from the bottom sash, meaning that it has less moving parts than a double hung window. While this may make it harder for a single hung window to accomplish some things, the one thing it does allow the window to be is extra durable. The only thing you really have to worry about being damaged on a single hung window is the frame, the sash, or the glass panel cracking.

Note, to ever tell if your window has a damaged sash, all you have to is try to open it. If it is difficult to open, it means that the sash is either cracked or the window itself has been thrown off of the track. When this happens, it is time to call in a window specialist to help you fix the problem, such as your trusted team at Armstrong's Glass & Mirror. 


Single hung windows only have one entry point, the bottom sash. Because of this, it is easier to reinforce the window so that it doesn’t open, by locking the sash. This makes it harder for potential burglars and thieves to enter your home.


For smaller homes, trying to find a window that can fit in your space can be extremely difficult. Single hung windows come in a variety of different sizes which makes them easy to install in any sized space. These are particularly good windows to invest in if you are building a tiny home or an on property apartment.


Not only are single hung windows able to fit in just about any space, but they also come in a variety of different styles, helping you pick the perfect one for your home. Here is a quick run-down of options for you.

  • Eyebrow single hung windows have a curved top.
  • Special shape allows you to decide which geometrical shape to use for your window.
  • Arch is just how it sounds.
  • Gothic Single Hung windows have their arch a bit more angular, giving them an old-timey church feel.

Lower Potential For Leaks

With fewer moving parts, single hung windows boast durability and also making harder for your home to spring a leak.

Limited Ventilation

As mentioned before, there are a few setbacks that come with owning a single hung window. One of these is the limited amount of ventilation that you get. For larger homes or even bathrooms, this type of window may not be the best. The limited ventilation can cause moisture to get caught in your home, leading to mold or mildew in severe cases.

Single Hung Window Vs. Double Hung Window

Single Hung Window Installations

Single Hung Windows Are Versatile And Durable.

Single hung windows and double hung windows both have their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to which one is the best, it is more dependent on what you are looking for in your window to be the deciding factor. If you are looking for economically efficient, then the single hung window is the way to go. Looking for better ventilation, then you would go with the double hung window since it has the ability to open both the top and bottom sash.

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