Mirror Installation in Fort Worth, TX

Mirror Installation

Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror Offers Quality Mirror Installation in Fort Worth, TX.

Are you looking to update the look of your bathroom or another room in your home? One of the ways to give any room a facelift without spending a ton of money is adding mirrors. By installing mirrors in your home, you can not only make the room appear larger than it is but it can also add a whole other dimension and symmetry. Armstrong's Glass & Mirror is a glass and mirror company that offers professional mirror installation in Fort Worth, TX. We not only install different kinds of mirrors like vanity mirrors, bathroom mirrors, mirrored walls, and more, we can also custom a mirror for any room that you want. The customizations that we include are tinted glass, an array of polished edges, and designs. If you would like to learn more about our mirror installation for your home, please give our technicians a call today at 817-937-6267.

Mirrors That We Install

Mirrors That We Install

We Are Able To Offer Mirror Installation for a Variety of Mirrors.

An entire room can have a huge transformation with the perfect mirror installed. They have the power to brighten any space and create a more spacious room that you are sure to love. In order to provide this for our customers, we first set up a consultation appointment. These appointments are important for us as we can learn what our customers like, dislike, and what they want to achieve by adding a mirror or two in their home. Once we come up with a comprehensive installation plan, we will create a layout for you to see! We will measure the room that you want the mirror installed, so we can size and cut a mirror to your specific liking.

Our customizations don’t stop at the style of the mirror—we also offer unique features to give your mirror a little more personalization. We can offer different types of edges like flat polish edge, beveled polish edge, pencil edge, and seamed edge. We can also tint your mirror or customize it so it looks more like an antique. If you want more of an idea of what kind of mirror installations we offer, these are some of the services we provide.

  • Full-mirrored walls or short-of-wall mounted mirrors
  • Custom, cut-to-fit picture frames
  • Vanity hanging mirrors
  • Standard and Custom Bathroom Mirrors
  • Mirror-backed glass shelving
  • Full-length closet doors

To set up a time for a consultation or mirror installation in Fort Worth, TX, feel free to call us anytime.

Quality Mirror Installation You Can Rely On

Quality Mirror Installation You Can Rely On

You Can Depend On Our Affordable and Exceptional Mirror Installation Service for Your Home.

Mirrors are a great addition whether you are redecorating your home or wanting to make your room to look bigger. They are a great piece for any room, that can be used for many purposes. There are many things that our mirror specialists are able to achieve, giving you a great mirror that will elevate any room. If you want to talk to a technician about a mirror installation in Fort Worth, TX, call us at 817-937-6267. We can set up a consultation to go over any specific questions you might have, as well as come up with a detailed plan to give you the best mirror for your home. We are only a call away, so pick up the phone and get started today!