Can a Broken House Window Be Fixed?

A dusty broken window in a set of six window panes

The Necessity of Window Repairs

Here in Texas, where the stars at night are big and bright, and if we have broken windows, it’s hard to enjoy that beauty. So, broken window repair becomes essential for business owners and homeowners because nothing can ruin the curb appeal as quickly as a broken window!

How much is a broken window repair service?

Like anything else that you need to get repaired around your business or home, broken window repair can vary from company to company. Other factors that have an effect of broken window repair costs include:

  • Accessibility: The more difficult the broken window is to reach, the more labor it takes which increases the overall cost of the broken window repair. 
  • The Damage: A severely damaged window will cost more to repair.
  • Materials:  Aluminum, vinyl, and wooden windows are the least expensive materials for broken window repair. A window frame made of composite or fiberglass broken window repairs will cost more.  
  • The Size: This should just be common knowledge, the bigger the more expensive a broken window repair is.  
  • The Time: Like plumbing or other professional repair services, the time of day and day of the week can cost more. After-hours, holidays, and weekends will always have an extra charge.

Can you replace just the glass broken on a window?

If the frame isn’t damaged, yes, replacing just the glass is sufficient, and if you’re having a professional broken window repair service, it will be less expensive too. However, if the frame around the window is broken, it may require more work, which may be just patching the damage on the frame or a complete replacement.

How do you fix a broken glass window in your house?

Okay, your husband is mowing the yard, and all of a sudden you hear a ‘PING’ in the other room. Follow the sound and you will discover a crack in one of the windows. Does it have to be removed and new glass installed? Is a broken window repair possible, and if so, the budget is kind of tight, do you have to have it done by a professional? 

Well, depending on where the window is located and how severe the crack is, you can do your own broken window repair, temporarily or permanently, with these easy steps: 

A Temporary Broken Window Repair

Using any of these methods is meant to only be a temporary repair, but it does stop any further spread of the crack. 

  • Glass adhesive is available at any auto parts store and is meant for auto glass but works just as well on household or business structure glass windows too. The instructions on the package are easy to follow, and you should take every step listed for the temporary broken window repair to work. 
  • Nail polish or super glue can be used to fill in the crack. Apply a few layers of either one, then wipe off any excess to keep the finish clear. Allow each layer to thoroughly dry before applying another layer. 
  • Plastic bracing isn’t going to be very attractive, but in a panic pinch, it will quickly secure the broken window. This is done by using a piece of plastic, like a thick notebook cover, and taping it over the crack, inside and outside.  
  • Strong tapes like heavy-duty tape, masking tape, or packing tape stretched and pressed over the crack can hold a window in place until you can arrange a permanent solution. 

A Permanent Broken Window Repair

This will be more labor-intensive broken window repair, but using epoxy will be the better option for a longer-lasting result that isn’t offensive to the curb appeal. If done right, nobody will know you ever had a broken window! 

Collect the following items and follow the steps listed:

  • Acetone
  • Clean cotton rag
  • Epoxy
  • Glass cleaner
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Clean microfiber cloth
  • A putty knife
  1.  Clean around and over the crack gently using the cotton rag with soap and water without applying any pressure. Get all debris and dirt removed, then allow to thoroughly dry. 
  2. Following the instructions of the epoxy packaging, mix it together, and using the putty knife, apply it carefully from one end of the crack to the other. Then wait for it to thoroughly dry. 
  3. With a razor blade, remove any excess epoxy mixture with a few drops of acetone and a clean cotton rag. 
  4.  Last, using the glass cleaner and the clean microfiber cloth, wipe off any excess epoxy and polish the glass. 

Dollar to Dollar – The Bottom Line

Is it cheaper to have a broken window repaired than replaced? In most cases, yes. It is worth getting a few quotes from professional window services for comparison. And once you’ve had the window repair completed, is it worthwhile? Absolutely! Your windows will look beautiful from the curb appeal aspect and you’ll be able to look at those big and bright stars at night! 

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