How Do You Clean Up Broken Glass?

Windows are the most fragile part of our home exterior, yet they play an essential role in our daily energy-conservation. They also connect us to the world outside our house. That connection can be suddenly severed however, when a bird, clump of hail, or another object slams against the side of the property. Trees are particularly troublesome if their branches are too close to the windows (one more reason to your local Fort Worth, TX tree health professionals).

When that day comes and your windows pane has been smashed into a thousand tiny pieces on the floor, it’s easy to lose your composure. Knowing what to do ahead of time can save you a lot of grief. Today, we’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions in the industry when you need broken glass repair. Afterwards, you’ll have a clear plan of action if you ever find yourself in this small crisis.

Damage Control

What to Do When Glass Shatters

Damage To Your Beautiful Windows May Be Frustrating, But You Need to Keep Your Safety in Mind.

There’s the issue of preventing any immediate further damage to your window, plus cleaning up the debris around the floor. Keeping your cool and thinking clearly is very important during this phase, as you could easily cut your hands or feet during the cleanup. Start by grabbing a pair of rubber gloves. If you don’t have any shoes on, shoes are a must! Flip flops don’t count.


You’ll also need a vacuum, a utility knife or chisel, and at least two plastic bags.

How Do You Keep Broken Glass From Spreading?

Equipped with shoes, gloves and a double-plastic bag, pick up larger pieces of debris that have fallen onto the floor. For the smaller pieces, use a vacuum (NOT a broom) for cleanup. As for the remaining pane in the window, you’ll need that utility knife. Start by carefully removing the putty and fasteners around the edges of the section. Remove the pane and place it into your double plastic bag, if possible.

You can then cover the area by taping multiple layers of plastic over the exposed area. Heavy trash can be used as an alternative.

Can You Put Broken Glass in Recycling?

If you really dislike your recycling pickup company… just kidding. No, you should not try to recycle your broken window pane. Wrap all the debris from the broken or cracked pane in a sealed box and dispose of it in the regular garbage.

Repair Process

A Professional Who Repairs Broken Glass

A Window Repair Expert Walking Above

Replacing a Single Pane is Considerably More Cost-Efficient Than Replacing Full Windows.

You can have a hefty handful of window repair companies ready to go with a single Google search. These experts provide some much needed expertise and ensure that the dimensions of your new window pane are measured and reproduced accurately. They also have the scoop on the latest home trends.

Can You Just Replace the Glass in a Window?

Yes, assuming the window frame itself isn’t damaged. While it is possible in most cases to install a new pane without replacing the entire window, there will be some extra work to be done.

How Do You Replace a Pane of Glass?

First, the old glaze putty and fasteners that seal the window in place have to be discarded. After the carefully sized pane replacement is ready to install, brand new glaze and fasteners must be prepared as well. In many cases, the window itself will need to be removed briefly to install the new pane. Your professional repair company should provide some temporary covering to prevent air from escaping and bugs from entering.

How Do You Fix a Broken Glass Pane?

There is no “fixing” a broken pane. It must be replaced using the steps listed above.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Pane of Glass?

According to, the national average is $350-$450. You can customize your search to includes specific window type, location, the number of windows to be replaced, your timeline for repairs, etc. Bottom line: if you are simply asking for glass repairs, you’re going to be paying in the hundreds per window.

Shopping for Replacement Glass

One of the most decisive factors in your window pane replacement costs is the type of material you will be using. Prices vary from just over $100 to $350 per window (on average). There are 5 prominent categories, which include:

Low-E Glass Window Installation

Low-E Glass Has a Hazy Look, But It Also Blocks Harmful UV Rays That Fade Your Interior Decor.

Glass Options for Windows

  • Argon-Filled
  • Tempered
  • Laminated
  • Triple
  • Low-E

If you’re a fan of strong insulation, consider argon-filled and triple windows, though the argon category is the most expensive. Triple is pretty energy efficient too. On the other hand, laminated and tempered window glass is very durable against impact damage. This is especially handy for areas for intense wind speeds and frequent hail damage.

Lastly, low-e windows provide excellent protection against UV radiation which can fade flooring and furniture inside your home. They’re also the cheapest category. Ultimately, the ideal choice of glass will hinge on your personal tastes and functional needs.

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