How do you keep water in a frameless shower?

a shower with frameless glass doors

How do you keep water in a frameless shower?

The real estate market is hot in the Fort Worth, Texas area right now and homeowners are looking for ways to update their homes to get the most out of selling. The kitchen and bathroom are the two areas that any realtor will advise to make updates to, and for many owners of older homes, the bathroom needs the most update. They often start with a frameless shower glass door installation.

What is a frameless shower glass installation?

A frameless shower glass installation is when the doors and enclosures are frameless. Instead of frames, the glass panels are held with clips and hinges, and the joints are caulked. The glass thickness is either 3/8” or 1/2” thick to give a stable and rigid structure. 

Frameless shower glass door installation can be done in either of the following two categories: Swinging doors or Sliding doors. The shape and size of the shower enclosure will be determined by the homeowner’s preferences. Each glass door panel is attached to a wall using metal hinges, and vinyl seals are included to contain the water. 

What are other options for shower installations?  

There are two other options that a homeowner can choose if desired. They are: 

  • Semi-frameless glass shower door:  This installation will include both framed and frameless edges, meaning they will have less metal than the traditional framed shower door, but thinner glass can be used, typically either 3/16” or 1/4” thick. This type of semi-frameless shower glass door installation is less expensive than the frameless type. 
  • Framed glass shower door: These are built with glass panels of 5/32” or 3/16” thick glass and have an aluminum framing. This is the more budget-friendly type of shower door. 

What type of glass is used for frameless shower doors?

The most common type of glass used with frameless glass shower doors is tempered glass. Tempered glass goes through a heating process followed by a rapid cooling that makes it a durable glass. Tempered glass frameless shower doors are available in a variety of styles including: 

  • Clear
  • Ultra-clear
  • Acid-etched
  • Patterned
  • Tinted
  • Cast

Modern frameless glass shower doors can also use laminated glass or laminated tempered glass. Both are formed by adhering two sheets of glass to a central transparent vinyl sheet to keep the glass intact even when broken. 

Are frameless shower doors worth it?

When you consider that you spend a good amount of time in your bathroom, updating with a frameless glass shower door is beneficial to you personally as well as for the real estate market. With the variety of designs that are available today, including the tile shapes and sizes, and the different styles in fixtures,  other benefits that make this investment worthwhile include: 

  1. Endless Design Possibilities: The size and style of frameless glass shower doors are almost endless. The constraints of the old-school framed glass doors are gone, making the bathroom more open and airy When coupled with the variety of fixtures, it gives a bathroom an elegant appearance. 
  2. More Functional: Frameless glass shower doors open in or open outward, making the bathroom more functional. 
  3. Easy Cleaning: With frameless glass shower doors, hard minerals and soap scum are gone along with the bacteria and mold that form in the hard-to-clean-and-reach areas. Frameless glass shower doors come with an optically clear material that is weather-resistant with a special oil repellant.
  4. Brighter, Lighter, Spacious: Frameless glass shower doors reflect natural light and illuminate the bathroom, making it look larger. When paired with marble tile, a bathroom looks cleaner, spacious, and updated. 

What are the disadvantages of frameless doors?

While a bathroom renovation can be upgraded with a frameless glass shower door installation, and the benefits are many and valuable, there are disadvantages to be considered as well: 

  • Cost: The cost of a frameless glass shower door has more glass and professional installation is recommended, making the total cost higher than the traditional framed glass shower door. 
  • Instability:  The glass of a frameless glass shower door is going to be heavier, which can cause it to sag over time. When exposed to excessive heat or pressure, there is a slight risk of shattering. 
  • Installation: As we stated above, professional installation is recommended by experienced contractors who have worked with them in the past. 

Can You See Clearly Now? 

Yes, a frameless glass shower door will be more elegant, and easier to clean and maintain, while adding style to your bathroom. Even with all of the benefits, it is worthwhile to weigh against the cons too making sure it is right for your household if you’re remaining in your home. Before you make the investment and you’re planning to sell your home, check with your realtor on comparable properties to see if this is the right decision.