Save on Heating with Better Windows in Winter

The temperatures are dropping steadily. If you have noticed a chill near the windows, you may have a draft. This means that not only are you losing heat, but your wasting money; drafty windows makes it hard for you to keep the house warm, and your heating system has to work extra hard. Save on heating with better windows this winter.

Thermometer Next to Window on Sunny Cold Day

Save on Heating with Better Windows in Winter.

Repair and Prevent Drafts to Save on Heating

Sometimes, you can repair the draft. When you find the source, you might be able to fill the spot with caulking. For large gaps, removing any of the old caulking before using the new. Self-adhesive weather strips may help, too. Remove old, cracked strips before applying the adhesive. You can make sure it worked by using a dollar; close it in the window, if you can’t pull it out, your weather strip is working. Other cost-effective solutions include a draft snake. This is just a stuffed tube of fabric that you put down in front of the window sill to block the draft. You can make your own with socks and rice.

Insulated Glass

These are options if you want to avoid professional glass repairs or replacements. However, sometimes new glass is simply the best option.Replacing your old windows with better-insulated upgrades could save you in the long run. You don’t always have to replace the entire window; you may be able to replace the pane, alone, depending upon your needs. Dual pane windows can be a great benefit in cold weather. They are known for helping people save energy in both winter and summer, as they offer better protection from extreme weather.

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