Should you put glass top on wood?

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How do you secure glass to a table top?

With the purchase of beautiful furniture for your home, you want to protect it so that the beauty lasts forever. Next to forbidding anyone using that beautiful furniture, what better way to protect the tables than with glass table tops.  Or adding a touch of elegance to a room with glass table tops and bases, specifically designed for a room. 

Today, we have the ability of getting glass table tops to order in the shape, size, and thicknesses we desire.  Glass table tops give a piece of furniture a touch of elegance while protecting it from accidents. For anyone that has never owned glass table tops, there are concerns and questions to assure they are getting the glass table tops that are right for their needs and purposes. 

Manufacturers of furniture with glass table tops usually do not secure the glass table tops to the furniture. This leaves the homeowner to secure any glass table tops, especially glass kitchen table tops, so that it isn’t a hazard for children or anyone else. The following are a few options for securing glass table tops: 

  • Clear Bonding Adhesive Gels: A clear bonding adhesive gel is strong and provides a permanent fix of glass table tops to the surface or base.  Putty is another option of securing glass table tops that is less toxic and removable and reusable. While the adhesive gel is clear, putty is colored, making it visible through glass table tops.  
  • Small Hardware: For glass table tops that require being secured for an extended time, one option would be a combination of glass brackets and clamps. While they hold glass table tops in place for that extended time, they are easily removed so that the table and the glass top can be moved easier. These brackets and clamps are commonly used for affixing a mirror to a wall or a glass frame to a storm door.  They do not create a seamless, smooth finish, but they are in expensive and provide a secure fastening. 
  • Velcro: A piece of NASA will provide a viable option to securing glass table tops to a base or frame that also allows it to be easily removed, a bonus for the cleaning aspect. Velcro mounting tape does is only available in black or white, requiring tablecloths if that doesn’t go with the décor in mind. 

How do you attach glass to a wood table top?

Glass table tops can give any table base a look of elegance, even one made of recycled shipping pallets. Create a unique coffee table, dining table, or an occasional table for the foyer or hall by attaching glass table tops to a wooden base to wooden tabletop. 

Because wood will contact and expand with the humidity and moisture, you need to use a strong, long lasting bonding method that is flexible. A silicone sealant will provide a good adhesion to the glass table tops and a moderate adhesion to the wood surface. For a good adhesion on both glass table tops and wood surface, use a polyurethane adhesive.

Should a glass table top be tempered?

A basic rule for glass table tops, if there are children or a concern of others with slipping and sliding of glass tables, tempered glass is recommended. Why? Tempered glass table tops are stronger, up to seven times strong regular annealed glass table tops. Tempered glass is considered a safety glass so should it fall, it doesn’t just break, it shatters, creating small pebbles that aren’t as dangerous as large pieces of broken glass. Any glass table tops that are between ¼: thick and 3/8″ thick are usually tempered.

What do you put under a glass table top?

Glass tabletops are an appealing and attractive style for coffee tables, dining tables, and others that allow the beauty of the base and table top to show through while protected.  There are table designs however where glass table tops ten to slide and slip, an annoying and dangerous situation. 

Fortunately, there are simple bumpers that can be installed between the gap of the glass and the table tops that supports the glass while holding it in place. These bumpers are typically not as obvious and visible, keeping the beauty of the clear glass intact. 

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What is the best thickness for a glass table top?            

Tempered glass tabletops are a perfect addition to any dining room. Glass table tops can make a simple table an elegant, formal table. They are long-lasting, heat resistant, and almost scratch resistant. 

The thickness of glass table tops is dependent upon the size of the table. A pedestal style table should have glass top no less than half an inch thick while a basic dining table, glass table tops of 3/16” is sufficient. 

You should also consider the use of the table when choosing glass table tops cut to size. If you plan to have a large number of guests frequently and the table is a 24” diameter, the glass table tops should be no less than ¼”. The larger the table, the thicker the glass is recommended. 

Glass table tops were once considered something only the rich would have in their homes. As glass has become more common place and less expensive to obtain, dining table have been adorned with glass around the globe. Choosing the right thickness of tempered glass will add beauty with safety. Call 817-937-6267 today for your glass table top in Fort Worth, TX.