Common Types of Glass Damage: Causes and Solutions

cracked glass

What are the most common kinds of glass damage?

Glass is weird in that it’s durable but also quite fragile. Glass damage can occur for a number of reasons, from accidents to natural wear and tear. Below are some common kinds of glass damage, as well as their causes and potential solutions.

Scratches happen because of abrasive contact with objects or cleaning materials, including metal tools, abrasive cleaners, or hard debris. Minor scratches can be buffed out using specialized glass polishing compounds or kits. For deeper scratches, replacement of the glass may be necessary.

Chips and cracks can be caused by stones or debris impacting the glass. Small chips and cracks can be fixed by using resin-based windshield repair kits. Larger, more severe damage may require professional repair or replacement.

Fogging and condensation are other common problems and typically indicate a broken seal, which allows moisture to penetrate. Sometimes, fogged or condensated glass units can be repaired by replacing the seal or inserting drying agents. However, if the damage is extensive, replacement of the glass unit may be necessary.

Etching or hazing on glass surfaces can come about from exposure to harsh chemicals, mineral deposits, or environmental pollutants. Minor etching can be solved by using specialized glass cleaners or mild abrasive compounds. Severe etching may require professional restoration or replacement of the glass.

More Reasons to Call Armstrong's Glass & Mirror for Glass Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Sometimes things get crazy, causing glass to shatter. Broken glass can be dangerous and should be carefully cleaned up using protective gear. It should also be disposed of properly. Replace shattered glass panels promptly to restore safety and security. Glass delamination, stress cracks, and chemical damage can all negatively affect your glass surfaces as well.

In many cases, preventive measures such as regular cleaning, proper maintenance, and avoiding harsh conditions can help minimize glass damage. However, when damage does occur, prompt attention and appropriate solutions can help restore the functionality and aesthetics of glass surfaces. If you need glass repair in Fort Worth, TX, can help. Give us a call at 817-937-6267 to learn how.