Signs Of Skylight Damage

skylight repair / fort worth / armstrong'sIf you’ve got a skylight, you probably love that extra sunshine that you get every day. They add a lot of aesthetic appeal to the inside of your home. However, they can get damaged. This can cause costly repairs to become necessary if you don’t catch it early. We’ve listed a few signs of skylight damage to help you catch it before it gets bad:


This one seems obvious, but sometimes these leaks happen in hard-to-spot places. Usually, they happen due to a problem with the flashings that line the skylight. Most of the time, especially if they don’t get too big, they can get repaired fairly easily. When they get bad, though, you may have to have your whole skylight replaced.


While one of the signs of improper sealing can include leaks, another symptom might present itself: drafts. If you notice the room where your skylight sits has become notably more drafty, you might want to have it checked out.


Cracks, even little ones, can become a huge problem. Think about what happen when your windshield gets cracked. It might not take up much space at first, but over time it will engulf the entire windshield. The same thing will happen with your skylight.


Remember, don’t wait for damage to get worse over time. If you require skylight repair in Fort Worth, Tx, Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror can help. For more information, you can reach us at (817) 937-6267.