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The Future of Solar Power

Power Generating Windows is the Future

There are various ways for you to preserve the energy used inside your home to heat it or cool it by utilizing window tint or blinds.  But your windows may be able to do more than just let in bright rays of sunshine on a clear day.

New window technology is being developed to make utilizing solar power more economical and more eye appealing.  Integrating solar power into the actual architecture of your home has taken strides with solar power generating roof shingles starting to gain momentum, and power generating windows may be the next big thing in line to combat rising energy prices.

New Energy Technologies out of Columbia, Maryland says that they are close to at least making this technology available to large commercial buildings due to the massive amounts of window surface area available.  The challenge, which has always been the issue with solar power, is keeping the cost of installation down and the power generation numbers up.

The technology used is actually a coating that is applied in between two panes of glass windows, which is a far cry from large, bulky solar panels that may be gracing your backyard or rooftop.  This technology is still a ways off from being available for reasonable application for residential homes, however, commercial applications may be underway in the next few years.