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What Type of Glass is Used for Shelving?

Plants and Containers on Glass Shelves.

What type of glass is used for shelving?

If you are planning to install glass shelves in your home, you’ll have an elegant shelving system that blends perfectly with your interior design. When choosing glass shelves, the most common types of glass used is either tempered or annealed glass. You may wonder, “Do I need tempered glass for shelves?” While tempered glass is most often used for glass shelving, you can use annealed glass, especially if the shelving unit is relatively small. 

Tempered glass is often used because it is safer than annealed, and can be used for larger units. If broken, tempered glass will shatter into small pieces, whereas annealed glass breaks into large shards that can be dangerous. Tempered glass is typically stronger, easier to customize, and rarely cracks.

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Are glass shelves strong?

The strength of glass shelves depends on the type of glass used and its thickness. While durable, annealed glass that is ¼-inch thick or less can’t hold more than about 70 pounds, even if it has a lot of support. Tempered glass is about four times as strong as annealed glass. Commercial glass shelves tend to be designed between ⅜-inch to ⅝-inch thick and capable of holding moderately heavy items. It’s capacity to hold more increases if the support brackets are close together. If you have a 1-inch thick tempered glass shelf with support brackets five feet apart, the shelving can hold up to 200 pounds. If the support brackets are one foot apart the glass could hold more than 5,000 pounds, but the heavier the load, the more at risk the shelves are of breaking.

Because shelving is often used to hold books, and other heavier items, you may wonder “Can glass shelves hold books?” Yes, you can place books on glass shelves. How many books the shelves can hold will depend on the thickness of the glass and the span limit of the shelves. Span limits are the maximum distance that you can set apart the shelving supports. For tempered glass, you can place about 117 pounds on a shelf that is ¼-inch thick x 11-inches wide and supported every 24 inches. With annealed glass of the same thickness, you can support only about 29 pounds.

How wide can a glass shelf be?

Overall, glass shelves technically could be any width or thickness, but the wider and thicker the glass the closer the span distance needs to be for the glass to manage any sort of weight without breaking. There are several calculators online that can help you determine precisely how long and wide a shelf can be based on the span between support brackets.

Glass shelves vs wood shelves

If you are choosing shelving and want to determine whether to get glass shelves or wood shelves, much will depend on what you’re putting on the shelves, and where the shelves are going.

While both glass and wood shelves can hold heavy weights, depending on thickness and support span, wood shelves tend to be sturdier when it comes to heavier items like big books. With glass shelves, you’ll need to have a pretty good idea about how much heavier items weigh before placing them on the shelves. Glass shelves are often much more aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for highlighting collectibles, especially small items. 

Glass shelves are also ideal for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, especially when it comes to cleaning them. Glass shelves can be cleaned with many household cleansers with no harm, whereas wood shelves can become damaged by some stronger cleansers. Wood shelves in the living room, however, can be very warm and inviting.

Other considerations like children and pets may affect your decision between glass or wood. No matter how thick it is, glass can still be really dangerous when it breaks, and could hurt the person or pet that breaks it.

Glass shelves can enhance bathrooms, but bathrooms aren’t complete without a good shower with plenty of hot water. If your water heater is malfunctioning, you will need water heater repair to ensure there is always plenty of hot water for your bathroom.

How do you hang a glass shelf on a wall?

Hanging glass shelves needs to be done with care. Here are some basic steps to ensure your glass shelves are hung safely.

  • Choose the right thickness that will support the items you’re placing on the shelves. Use online calculators to help you determine the right thickness.
  • Get fasteners designed for glass shelves. The fasteners should fit the thickness of the glass.
  • Mark the area on the wall where you plan to hang the shelves. Make sure the marks are at the same height and draw a line between them as a guide for attaching the fasteners to the wall.
  • The fasteners are then screwed into the wall studs.
  • The shelving is placed into the fasteners to keep the glass stable. 

How much are glass shelves

Glass shelf prices will vary depending on the type of glass you use, as well as the thickness of the glass. A single small glass shelf for your bathroom may cost as little as $13, whereas custom shelves could cost $50 or more for each shelf. Other options such as beveling may have additional costs for customization. Installing shelves on average costs anywhere from about $215 to $430.

Tempered Glass Shelves.

Glass shelves near me

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