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Pattern Glass in Fort Worth, TX

pattern glass

Pattern glass details!

Pattern glass is a one-of-a-kind way to add character to a room.  In smaller areas, using strategically placed pattern glass instead of solid walls and hallways can truly open up the room!

Pattern glass is produced in a variety of ways for a variety of effects.  When combined with other specialty glass effects such as frosting or vibrant color tinting, pattern glass can become a work of art!

If you have a home or office and you’re looking to boost it’s visual appeal, Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror is here for you!  Many of our clients are awe struck to discover what specialty glass adds to their home or office.  Once you transform your featureless glass into beautiful pattern glass, the difference is like night and day!

Pattern Glass Specialists in Fort Worth, TX

Whether it’s for your home or office, we can help you achieve any look with any size glass the job takes!  Pattern glass is just one of the many things we do… if you are ever in need or repairs or replacement, our team of experts is ready to come to your aid!  What are you waiting for?  Request an Estimate right now while you explore our website!

pattern glass

Pattern glass used in place of solid walls can open up confined spaces!

Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror is located in Fort Worth, proudly providing service to:

  • Fort Worth
  • Keller
  • Southlake
  • Colleyville
  • Grapevine
  • Hurst
  • Euless
  • Bedford
  • North Richland Hills

Pick up the phone and call us right now!  Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror takes pride in educating clients on the pros and cons of all things glass & mirror with ZERO pressure or sales gimmicks.

When YOU are ready, WE are ready to help you!

Broken Glass Repair Services

Broken Glass Repair is just one of the many great services offered by Armstrong’s Glass and Mirror.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or the kids next door, we are capable of repairing or replacing any shattered dreams you’ve got laying around the home!

We found an amazing video that shows what happens to a window when it is forcibly shattered by a thrown object.  As you watch this video, notice how many more tiny shards of glass are dispersed compared to the larger, easily seen shards.

Most people will focus on picking up the larger, easily visible pieces of glass and run a vacuum cleaner over the rest assuming it gets the job done.  Depending on what vacuum you own, you may be doing absolutely nothing to get those tiny pieces of glass out from under foot!

Broken Glass Repair Done Right

Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror is Fort Worth’s Glass Specialist!  In our many active years of service, we have seen and successfully repaired:

  • Damaged Exterior Windows
  • Damaged Shower Doors
  • Foggy / Cloudy Insulated Glass
  • Stuck Windows
  • Glass Table Tops

Chances are, if it’s made of glass and is in need of repair or replacement, Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror can fix you up and get you back to living comfortably in your home in next to no time!

About Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror

Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror is Fort Worth’s premiere broken glass repair experts.  We cater to all residential customers in Fort Worth, Colleyville, Euless, Keller, Grapevine, Bedford, Southlake, Hurst, and North Richland Hills!  If you are in North Texas and you can look over and see downtown Fort Worth, chances are we can help you!  Call us Now!