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History Of Glassmaking

tinted glass on commercial buildingWe may not think about it much, but a lot goes into making glass. Only relatively recently could we mass produce it, making it a staple of every household. However, humans have made glass for thousands of years. If you’ve ever wondered about the history of glassmaking, we go over some of the major points here.

Earliest Findings:

The first findings of glassmaking trace all the way back to Mesopotamia in 3,500 BC. Archaeologists have found glass beads, probably a by-product from metal working.

Later, the Chinese and Roman empires both created objects made of glass as well, including beads, windows and even jewelry.

Recent Innovations:

In 1674, a man named George Ravenscroft came up with a new method for creating glass by injecting lead oxide into it (when melted). This both improved the look of the glass and made it easier to melt.

James Hartley, in the mid 19th century, invented what we know today as plate glass. This then took off for industrial purposes after use in The Crystal Palace in 1851.


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