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Tips For Decorating With Mirrors

Most people think of mirrors belonging in a bathroom or hung on the back of a closet door. However, mirrors can add a fantastic element of design to many other rooms in your home. Depending on your space, you could go big or use a small mirror to achieve the desired effect. Here are a few tips for decorating with mirrors.

decorating with mirrors

The Entryway

Placing mirrors in locations with more natural light is a great way to add light to your home. The entryway is an ideal place for this, especially if you have a glass door. When the sun comes in and bounces off the mirror, it will give your house a feeling of warmth. You can hang a mirror on the wall or rest one atop a narrow table. Try playing with dramatic frames or filling a large space for a real statement. This also gives you a last-minute chance to make sure you aren’t covered in cat hair before dashing off to work!

A Dining Room

If you host dinner parties often or have a small dining area, a mirror is a must-have decor element. It’s an easy way to make a room feel larger and less claustrophobic. A mirror can also add an extra level of class and drama to a room. Picture a beautiful tablescape, full plates and bustling conversation. Create a stunning reflection of that scene by a large mirror on the wall, or even multiple, symmetrical mirrors. Whether you only use your dining room for Thanksgiving dinner or host a bash every month, give the space a boost by decorating with mirrors.

Small Spaces

It’s a tried and true trick: mirrors can quickly and effortlessly make any small space feel larger. Try this in a tiny bathroom, small bedroom, or living area and you’ll love the feeling of extra space. Play around, too, with different shapes and styles of mirrors. An enormous, distressed mirror can add an old-world, classy vibe while simple, frameless mirrors can look more modern. Plus, mirrors can If you want to cover a large portion of a wall, you might need a custom mirror.

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