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Solar Screen FAQ

Summer will be here before you know it. The Texas sun is a scorcher. Not only can excess light ruin your evening in watching television, but you can lose a lot of money on energy costs with all the extra heat it brings in. Solar screens are the perfect solution to this problem, and now is the best time to get them installed! Here’s a quick FAQ:

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Will they obstruct my view?

No. They are transparent. Generally, they look just a little darker than a regular screen.

Can they keep people from looking in my house?

Yes, for the most part. During the day the glare will block people from being able to see into your house. However, if you have your lights on at night, people will still be able to see in.

Are they cost effective?

Yes. Because they reduce energy costs and strain on your A/C, they will actually pay for themselves within a short period of time.

Will my plants still be able to grow?

Solar screens shouldn’t affect the growth of your plants. They’re made to block out the more harmful UV rays. However, the 80% screening option is recommended for houses with interior plants.

Hopefully this FAQ answered some of your questions regarding solar screens. Here at Armstrong’s Glass and Mirror, we offer solar screen installation alongside a host of other services. For more information, please give us a call at (817) 937-6267. We look forward to hearing from you!