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How Is Stained Glass Made?

stained glassHave you ever gazed up into a beautifully constructed stained glass window and taken in all its beauty? Stained glass is an art form that dates back thousands of years and is still widely sought after in modern architecture. Much of the original concepts are applied to making stained glass today, and we have detailed a brief outline of those processes to help you understand and appreciate these marvelous works of art.

Intricate Design

First, the glass is fired at a specific temperature and formula with different salts and metals to create brilliant colors. For the particular window, an exact model of the window dimensions is made – once the design for the window is created, it is outlined in these dimensions to create a “cartoon.” The cartoon is then replicated on paper, and the paper pattern is used to draw “cutlines,” which are where the leadpeacock stained glass joints of the stained glass are to be laid.

Using the cutlines as a guide, a colored piece of glass is outlined and cut to fit this shape. The colored glass is then coated with a special paint that makes the glass appear glassier and unifies all the colors in the artwork. The cut pieces of glass are joined together with thin strips of lead that have grooves on each side to fit each piece into the design.

Stained glass is beautiful and wonderfully intricate. For glass equally as captivating yet simple and affordable, call us at 817-937-6267!