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How Not To Clean Glass

There are a hundred different tips and tricks out there for cleaning glass, but some of them are more damaging than helpful. Don’t waste money on a hot new cleaning product or damage your glass! Here are a few tips on how not to clean your glass.

tips for clean glass shower

Magic Erasers

The iconic white sponges are known for removing all kinds of tough stains from various surfaces. Although many bloggers and websites swear by this trick, Magic Erasers are not advertised to work on glass. Just as many people who recommend them report that they scratch glass and cars. The scratches may be fine enough that you might not notice right away, but they can worsen over time. If you decide to clean glass with a magic eraser, be warned! We suggest using vinegar as a natural, harmless cleaner for hard water buildup.

Paper Towels

If you want streak-free, shining, clean glass, step away from the paper towels. Paper products will leave behind lint and paper particles as well as streaks. Many like the way an old T-shirt cleans glass, but a microfiber cloth or squeegee are the best ways to get pristine, shining glass after a good cleaning.

Regular Water

If you want to get a rogue glob of toothpaste off the bathroom mirror, a quick wipe with a damp towel will do. However, if you want to make your glass and mirrors sparkle, avoid tap water. The minerals in your water can leave behind deposits and streakiness. This is part of the reason why shower glass gets so dirty! When diluting a vinegar or other cleaning solution, try using distilled water for the purest solution.

Harsh Chemicals

From Rain-X to Bar Keeper’s Friend, there are countless cleaners on the market that become cult classics. Some actually work and won’t cost you a fortune. However, you must be careful when using these chemicals! Some have extremely strong odors, some may be toxic to children and pets, and others just don’t work that well. Take extra care the first time you step in the shower after cleaning it; some cleaners can make the floor very slippery! If you prefer chemical cleaners over vinegar, follow the instructions carefully and use them sparingly.

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