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Why Window Repair Is Important

Have you been noticing lately that your energy bill is high, but yet you haven’t changed anything in the house? Or are certain areas of a room colder than others? These are all signs that you have a damaged or broken window. From something hard to spot like the sealant coming loose and allowing wind to blow through, to more noticeable signs like cracks in the glass, damaged windows can do a lot of harm. That inconspicuous gap allowing the draft in also allows room for insects to crawl in, and makes your air conditioning unit work harder to regulate the entire home’s temperature, increasing your energy bill. Cracks in windows are dangerous and unsightly. If you need window repair in Fort Worth, TX, call Armstrong's Glass & Mirror today at 817-937-6267.

How Long Do Windows on a House Last?

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All window types will last a minimum of 20 years. If you opt for the more expensive ones that provide more protection, they will have double the lifespan. Vinyl and storm windows can last up to 40 years. Vinyl windows are the most common window types for American households because of their affordability, durability, and versatility in colors. They can hold up to storms pretty well, but will get more damaged by the sun’s UV rays and can get discolored. If you live in a particularly stormy area, consider getting storm protection for your windows. This window type is an extra window that is mounted inside or outside the existing window for an extra layer of protection. Roofs and windows often get badly damaged when severe storms roll through. If your windows have gotten damaged before in severe storms, storm windows won’t break when the next storm hits.

How Much Does Window Repair Cost?

Depending on the amount of damage, window repair can cost anywhere from $200 to $900. Factors that raise the price include the amount of damage, where it is, how many windows were damaged, and how many glass panes you have in each window. If you have custom windows that are a unique shape like diamond that get broken, prices will be very high as replacement panels will have to be custom made.

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Keep your family safe by getting window repair as soon as you notice it. A broken window not only leaves your home vulnerable to burglary, but lowers your curb appeal and raises energy bills. If you need window repair in Fort Worth, TX, call Armstrong's Glass & Mirror at 817-937-6267 today.