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Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

energy efficient

Energy efficient windows can save you plenty of money on your energy bills.

Your windows provide a portal to the outside world. In addition to light and fresh air, many windows — especially older ones — leak the cool or warm air from your HVAC out into the world. This causes your air conditioner or furnace to work harder, which wastes energy. To solve this problem, you’ll want to install energy efficient windows.

At Armstrong’s Glass and Mirror, we serve as the local experts for energy efficient windows in Fort Worth, TX. In addition to the windows themselves, we offer Low-E coating, a microscopically thin layer that gets added to your windows. The installation of energy efficient windows or Low-E coating benefits homeowners in the following ways.

Save Money

Energy efficient windows, doors, and skylights will lower your energy bill. How? Through the prevention of energy loss around loose seams and untreated glass. With energy efficient windows, the heat or cool air your HVAC produces will stay within the house. This means that you can run your air conditioner less, which results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Get Comfortable

Energy efficient windows, especially those with Low-E coating, make your home a comprehensively comfortable space. These windows help regulate the temperature within your home, so you have fewer cold drafts or overheated spaces. Even seats near windows will remain just as warm or cool as the rest of the house.

Valuable Protection

As part of their function, windows with Low-E coating reflect UV rays and prevent their entry into your home. UV rays can damage valuable carpets, floors, furniture, or decor. If you have heirloom paintings or photographs, you will definitely want the protection of Low-E window coating.

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