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4 Advantages of Glass Table Tops

At Armstrong’s Glass & Mirror, we install customized glass table tops, to best fit the needs of Fort Worth homeowners. We will send a specialist to your house, to determine the best glass table option for you and your home. We offer a wide variety of glass types to best suit the needs of individual customers. Here are some of the advantages of glass table tops:


Let’s be honest, glass table tops look really good. Not only do they allow homeowners to accentuate dining room features like rugs, and tableware, but they create an illusion of space. When you walk into a dining room with a glass table top, you feel a sense of ease and well being. The aesthetic qualities of glass table tops should not be understated, and are something you have to experience to fully comprehend.


Glass table tops are extremely easy to clean. Instead of table cloth stains, or wooden water stains, glass table tops can be wiped down to look as good as new. Water rings don’t stick, and food stains, slide off easily, making glass more than just about style. The ease of maintenance in comparison to traditional table tops, is something homeowners can really enjoy.


Do you have an older table that is very durable, but not very attractive? Glass table tops can extend the life of your table, by adding to its appearance, while taking advantage of its construction. Protect the environment and save money with a glass table top refurbishment.

UV Ray Protection

Have you considered the effect of UV rays on outdoor furniture? Wooden furniture that sits outside can be severely damaged by UV rays, cutting down the lifespan, and causing visually unpleasant deterioration. Call 817-937-6267 for glass table top installation in Fort Worth, TX.