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How do you clean dirty glass?

woman cleaning a window

Keeping your glass and windows clear

The windows of your home are an integral part of its appearance, beauty, security, and value, even glass tabletops are an important part. So, when that glass is broken, cracked, or dirty, it is important to have them repaired or replaced immediately and properly. Whether is for the professional glass cleaning so the views are clear, and the energy-efficiency is working, or it is a decorative and safety matter, the proper approach is always best. 

Most of us attempt glass cleaning with the spray bottle of glass cleaner with paper towels, but few of us have found the ability to have glass cleaning without streaks. No matter how careful you approach the task, there seems to always be a smudge or a streak. So, what causes streaks on glass?  Well, it could be because you’re energetically cleaning windows on a warm, sunshine day. 

Yeah, so much for spring cleaning, right? Evaporation is a big and common problem with window glass cleaning. The window glass cleaning liquid solution you’re using is evaporating quickly and leaving a residue that we see as streaks. However, if that liquid window glass cleaning solution isn’t removed, you get streaks. 

Another problem that causes window glass cleaning streaks are the cleaning solution you choose. No, they are not all the same, even the ones that claim they are streak-free.  The next common problem that causes window glass cleaning streaks is the cloth or towel you’re using. A towels that isn’t absorbent will only spread the dirt and moisture, not  remove them, leaving behind streaks. 

Or you may be using a towel that sheds, which will leave debris, dust, and lint streaks. Or using a used towel will leave streaks. Now that we have uncovered the secret problem that causes those window glass cleaning streaks, so, how do you remove streaks from glass? 

  • Step One: With a dust-free microfiber cloth, go over the recently completed window glass cleaning with a tad of elbow grease.
  • Step Two:  If step one doesn’t work, using a bottle of Dawn dish soap (yes it has to be Dawn), and a window squeegee, apply some Dawn along the bottom in a small, then work your way up. No dripping, working fast and thoroughly with a little bit of elbow grease. area starting at the bottom of the window working upward, to avoid dripping. 
  • Step Three: Now dry the edges from the top working down sing a clean dust-free cloth.

How do you remove oxidation from glass?

If you have aluminum screens, that is your culprit for causing that window oxidation. With a little bit of  vinegar and the right tools, your window glass cleaning project will be easy and fast. The tools you’ll need are: 

  • Bucket of warm water
  • Soft window brush with a long broom handle
  • A water hose with a nozzle
  • Create a window glass cleaning home brew of one gallon water, two tablespoons heavy-duty soap with Trisodium Phosphate, half a cup vinegar, and a drop of liquid dish soap. 
  • Attach the soft brush to the broom handle using the water hose with a nozzle, pre-wet the windows then apply the window glass cleaning brew with the brush. Work one window at a time so they don’t dry faster than you can complete them. 
  • Repeat the job once you made one round, washing the trim surrounding the windows this time. 
  • Now, using the water hose and nozzle, rinse the windows and allow to dry like they would after a summer rainstorm and clean the screens while the windows are drying. Use the same procedure you did with the windows, leaving the screens in the driveway. 

How do you remove cloudiness from glass windows?

When the usual soap and water isn’t doing the job,  cleaning glass that is cloudy may take something a little stronger. You probably have them around your home already: rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Believe it or not glass cleaning with alcohol or white vinegar isn’t anything new, they’ve been used for year.  Now follow these simple steps:

1). With a microfiber cloth, dust the window frame and windowsills.

2). Fill a spray bottle halfway with cool tap water then finish filling with the rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. Screw the lid on good and shake gentle to mix the ingredients. 

3). Adjust the spray bottle to a mist and spray a small amount on the window. 

4). Using a paper towel, coffee filter, or newspaper, wipe the window. 

5). If the cloudy window glass cleaning is needed for a large window, you’ll need to use a squeegee and work from the top to the bottom horizontally. 

squeegee on window

How do you stop windows from smearing?

Oh what we can do with everyday household products!  Fabric softener and warm water is the best way mirror and window glass cleaning product! Mix even amounts of fabric softener and warm water then dip a clean cotton cloth in the mixture and wipe over mirrors and windows.  Not only are you going to have smear-free windows, but your home will smell fresh too! 

Can glass cleaning cloths be washed?

With these three methods, yes: 

  1. Clean your window glass cleaning cloths without water by simply shaking them to remove dirt and dust. 
  2. Wash your window glass cleaning cloths by hand using cold water and a few drops of bleach free, softener free mild soap.  
  3. Wash your window glass cleaning cloths in a washing machine with a bleach free and softener free detergent, then allow to air dry.

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