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I Like Your Flair: Gorgeous Design Ideas for Window Treatments

Window Treatments

Putting in Some New Windows? Start Planning Your New Window Treatments!

Are you on the hunt for ideas to freshen up your home design? Before you go knocking down doors and busting up bathtubs, try starting with something simple: your window treatments. Window treatments are a remarkable easy way to spice up the curb appeal of your home, without blowing out your budget. Here are some of the most exhilarating ideas we’ve found!

What are Exterior Window Treatments?

When it comes down to it, most windows look the same. Shrewd decoration is what sets a home apart from the rest. With some fresh inspiration (and perhaps a little tree pruning), you can transform even the plainest of windows.

There are countless styles of window treatments to choose from, from simple wooden shutters to elaborate flower box arrangements. Some of our favorites treatments include sliding window covers, classy wrought iron grills (which double as extra security), holiday-themed decoration boxes. If you’re looking to start with something simple, try installing a shelf that holds potted plants. 

Accenting Your Window Interiors

Of course, the inside of your windows deserve just as much attention. Many decorators hang up basic curtains and stop there. There are so many ways to have fun with your curtains alone! First, try getting creative with your new curtain material. HGTV has a fantastic article on ways to accentuate your windows, including several unique materials (such as hand painted linen or re-purposed sheets). You can also tie your sheets back with some unconventional objects from around the house.

Get Your Estimate on Window Replacement!

As you prepare for your double or single hung window replacement, consider one of these invigoratingly colorful ideas for your exterior window treatments! Looking for a local glass company to replace your windows? Give the Armstrong's Glass & Mirror team a call at 817-937-6267 for your home estimate!