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How can you make windows more energy efficient?

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What is the most energy efficient window?

Having energy efficient windows in your home helps you all year round save money as less heat or cold escapes through your windows. While there are specific windows that actually are made and designed to stop the loss of energy from inside the home, there are also alternative ways to help save energy through your windows. While they may appear minor, the suggestions actually help in a variety of ways:

  • Cover your windows: Covers like drapes and blinds keep in heat and cool air while preventing the outside temperature from seeping in. 
  • Window film: Filming your window not only blocks much of the sunlight that enters through your window like covers, but also reduces glare and helps prevent the fade that happens on furniture on furniture.
  • Up to date window frames: On occasion, the insulation or framing that holds your window into place degrades. Repairs and replacement will solve the problem. 

All of these suggestions can help you save money and put less strain on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. When you add energy efficient windows however, each measure goes further than it would with a regular window. With the build up of methods, you can not only reap the energy saving benefits that can be found in your windows, but also have less of a chance for diseases like melanoma. 

We recommend low-E energy efficient windows due to being designed to save you energy for through your windows. When needing window services in Fort Worth, TX, contact {nw_data field=company} through our number 817-937-6267 to set up an appointment today.

How can you make windows more energy efficient?

On top of the suggestions already provided, there are several more ways that can save you energy specifically through your windows. When using double paned windows, a person can save a relatively large percentage of energy/money on their electric bill by applying this or a low-E energy efficient window to their home. Along with relative climate control inside of the home with practices such as closing the drapes, curtains, or blinds, the homeowner will see a boon in how much money they save each month. While it may seem like a larger effort, an awning and storm panels can also help in negating the heat that enters the home through your windows. 

When it comes to the colder months, everyone likes to stay warm inside of their own home and can help with that by taking a quick check to their windows’ sealing. Particularly found in older windows, sealing will degrade over time and will need slight repairs to be fully functional in keeping the heat inside. Re-caulking when necessary can be highly effective in keeping cold air out while helping to insulate the inside of the home.

Should I replace all windows at once?

For a homeowner, window replacement is an expected event in their home living. It is recommended that a person commits to window replacement when there is damage indicating the service is necessary. It is not thereby recommended to do it on any windows that do not need the service due to that they are built to last when installed. Unless it is for an aesthetic reason, replacing every window in your home may likely not have the same effect as only replacing those that need the action. 

It is difficult to entirely say if a new window will save a houshold money due to a few factors. One is whether the home is modern or older, older homes are generally outfitted with single pane windows that are inferior to double pane windows that are much more prevalent today. Furthermore, if the measures previously mentioned are not taken, a person will still see a considerable amount of energy wasted. The answer to the problem thereby depends on if the home simply has single pane windows, of which waste more energy than energy efficient windows as well as double paned.

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What are the benefits of low E glass?

There are several benefits that low-E coating and windows will grant on a home that will save the homeowner get the advantage of an energy efficient home. Low-E or low emissivity windows which by definition mean that when absorbing the energy from sunlight the surface does not get as hot as others do. In this case, low-E windows can mean a coating or the material of glass used. In relative terms, the addition of low-E windows would prevent as much heat coming in while less heat escapes thanks to the properties that come with the window. The properties that benefit the homeowner in low-E windows last around ten to fifteen years depending on the natural weather of the area. These windows also strongly prevent fading on inside decorations and furniture which will help keep the color in various present fabrics. With the amount of money you will save in energy bills, energy efficient windows are definitely worth consideration. Call Armstrong's Glass & Mirror at 817-937-6267 today to set up an appointment for installation or repair in Fort Worth, TX.