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Why Did My Shower Glass Shatter?

A Picture of a White Bathtub and Glass Shower.

Know Someone Who Had a Shower Door Shattered? There Are Ways To Prevent This.

We take a shower we never expect that our shower door is going to shatter. No matter how crazy that sounds, it does happen. It’s a very rare occurrence but there have been several occasions in the United States where a shower door shattered. It is a federal law that every glass shower door be made from tempered glass. This is due to how safe it is and that if it doesn’t break or shatter, the pieces will be too small to hurt you. While tempered glass is safe it holds a ton of energy within it. Because of how much energy is held, a tiny crack or nick in the glass has the potential to shatter glass shower doors. These types of damages can form at the edge of your shower door. While it has happened, it doesn’t mean you should forgo glass shower doors. There are ways that you are able to prevent a glass shower door from shattering.

How To Prevent Shower Door From Shattering

  • Inspect Your Shower: You can do this or a glass specialist can do this, but it is important to have the edges of your glass shower door checked annually to see if there are any cracks or damages.
  • Invest in a Safety: In order to ensure that your door is safe and won’t shatter, you can have a glass specialist apply a safety film of the glass. If the glass does happen to shatter, the safety film will prevent the glass shards from falling and will keep them together.

If your shower door shattered, its best to call a glass specialist. This type of job needs to be left up to professionals. You wouldn’t let just anyone handle your Fort Worth, TX heating services, so when you need glass repair service in Fort Worth, TX, call Armstrong's Glass & Mirror at 817-937-6267.