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Single Hung Windows Pros And Cons

Single Hung Windows, Single Hung Window Replacement

Single Hung Windows Add A Beautiful Look To Any Home.

Whenever it comes to home improvements, all of the different choices out there for types of roofing and siding can leave your head spinning. One of the most important aspects of renovating or taking care of a home is your windows, but it is often the last thing to be thought about. When you are considering what type of windows would work best for your home, why not consider single hung windows as an option?

What Are Single Hung Windows?

The name single hung refers to the way the window opens, which for a single hung window is only the bottom panel. Single hung windows are one of the more popular types of windows on the market, due to their low cost and versatility to match any type of home.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Single Hung Windows?

Single hung windows, like anything, have a lot of great qualities but also have some setbacks that homeowners should be aware of before deciding to commit to installing them in their home. In order to provide more knowledge for homeowners to help them make an educated decision when deciding the best window for their home renovation, we have conducted a list of pros and cons for single hung windows.


When it comes to being economically friendly, single hung windows are the best in the market. They generally cost 10-20% less than your standard double hung window and come with a warranty that lasts about the lifespan of the window. This allows you to correct damages without the financial strain.


The lifespan of a single hung window can be between 20-25 years, which vary on how well you, as the homeowner, take care of the window. Regular maintenance, such as routine glass cleaning, can help your window live longer than its projected lifespan, helping you get the most out of your investment.


Often times what people refer to as a single hung windows’ greatest weakness turns out to be one of its greatest strengths. Single hung windows only open from the bottom sash, meaning that it has less moving parts than a double hung window. While this may make it harder for a single hung window to accomplish some things, the one thing it does allow the window to be is extra durable. The only thing you really have to worry about being damaged on a single hung window is the frame, the sash, or the glass panel cracking.

Note, to ever tell if your window has a damaged sash, all you have to is try to open it. If it is difficult to open, it means that the sash is either cracked or the window itself has been thrown off of the track. When this happens, it is time to call in a window specialist to help you fix the problem, such as your trusted team at Armstrong's Glass & Mirror. 


Single hung windows only have one entry point, the bottom sash. Because of this, it is easier to reinforce the window so that it doesn’t open, by locking the sash. This makes it harder for potential burglars and thieves to enter your home.


For smaller homes, trying to find a window that can fit in your space can be extremely difficult. Single hung windows come in a variety of different sizes which makes them easy to install in any sized space. These are particularly good windows to invest in if you are building a tiny home or an on property apartment.


Not only are single hung windows able to fit in just about any space, but they also come in a variety of different styles, helping you pick the perfect one for your home. Here is a quick run-down of options for you.

  • Eyebrow single hung windows have a curved top.
  • Special shape allows you to decide which geometrical shape to use for your window.
  • Arch is just how it sounds.
  • Gothic Single Hung windows have their arch a bit more angular, giving them an old-timey church feel.

Lower Potential For Leaks

With fewer moving parts, single hung windows boast durability and also making harder for your home to spring a leak.

Limited Ventilation

As mentioned before, there are a few setbacks that come with owning a single hung window. One of these is the limited amount of ventilation that you get. For larger homes or even bathrooms, this type of window may not be the best. The limited ventilation can cause moisture to get caught in your home, leading to mold or mildew in severe cases.

Single Hung Window Vs. Double Hung Window

Single Hung Window Installations

Single Hung Windows Are Versatile And Durable.

Single hung windows and double hung windows both have their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to which one is the best, it is more dependent on what you are looking for in your window to be the deciding factor. If you are looking for economically efficient, then the single hung window is the way to go. Looking for better ventilation, then you would go with the double hung window since it has the ability to open both the top and bottom sash.

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