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Mirrors: Boosting Any Interior

Dmirroro you have a room that is cramped or lacking natural light? A well placed mirror can transform the look of any room by creating the illusion or more space, or amplifying the room’s light. Here we walk through a few of the many benefits of mirrors in your home.

  • Improve lighting. A mirror will reflect the lamplight or natural light already present and revitalize a dark room. The size and placement of the mirror are important in controlling the amount of light that is reflected, so a room does not become too bright or not bright enough.
  • Hide imperfections. A scratch, discolored paint, or a hole can be covered with a mirror to hide any unsightly flaw. Full length mirrors can hide imperfections close to the floor. A mirror is also a beautiful accent piece, along with a functional piece in a bedroom or bathroom.
  • Create the appearance of space. Reflecting the space of a room gives the illusion of a comfortable openness. A long, horizontal mirror in a hallway or tight bathroom can offer space and brighten the narrow area.

Beautiful Custom Mirrors

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