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How Insulated Glass Is Made

insulated glass

A glass marvel

Recently I had a salesperson come to my home and talk to me about having new windows installed. My home is 100 years old and the last time the windows were updated was in the 1960s. So, when he said they windows that could save me money on my monthly energy bills, I was intrigued. Not just for the money saving part, but I would have clean windows and good screens! Then he pulled out samples of windows, with and without insulated glass

As he went through his demo, he referred to them as IG windows and when I asked what IG stood for, he explained that is the acronym for ‘insulated glass’. Learn something new every day, but what does insulated glass mean? 

Insulated glass, IG to some of you, is glass that has been manufactured and treated so that it keeps the heat inside in the winter and out in the summer. Apparently, one of the biggest areas of energy wasted is through the windows. Again, learn something new every day! 

Insulated glass has numerous pieces of glass with either aluminum or other metal, or structural foam spacers between them. Then a gas is inserted into the space between the different pieces of glass, usually argon or krypton. All of these pieces create a single unit that is sealed and the entire glass system with the gas holds it all together, creating what is known as double-pane glass. When utilized for insulated glass for windows, it is often referred to as double-glazed glass or double-pane glass, and there is even  triple-pane and quadruple-pane glass today. 

Is insulated glass tempered?

Tempered  glass is a safety glass that is made tempered using a chemical treatment or controlled thermal process that increases the strength. The tempering process sets the outer surfaces into compressed state of being with the interior part of the glass, creating tension.

Insulated glass is made with two to four panes of glass that are spaced apart with either metal or foam and then sealed up to create a single assembly after air or a gas has filled the area between the panes and glass. A heat tempered glass may be used in this process. 

What are insulated glass benefits? 

The purpose of insulated glass for windows is to minimize the amount of heat going into a home in the summer and minimize the amount of heat escaping from the home in winter. Yet, the benefits do not top there. 

  1. Create a comfy and snug home

Windows made of insulated glass are an effective thermal barrier. As we just stated above, insulated glass retains the heat inside your home in the winter while keeping it out in the summer. During extreme temperatures in either direction, this is a great benefit. 

  1. Carbon footprint reduces, Energy costs saved  

While insulated glass windows are minimizing heat loss in the winter and cool air in the summer, the thermostat isn’t adjusted, thus saving power. Stay comfortable year round while saving money  is a definite win-win. 

Yes, right out of the gate, insulated glass windows are more expensive than other windows. When you consider the money you’ll save from cooling and heating your home though, you get your money back over time. 

  1. Wide range of options

The choices that insulated glass windows have are versatile and wide. Most come in a double-pane, but you can upgrade to triple, quadruple, or more, giving you even more insulation. Depending on the manufacturer, there are a number of gases used in constructing insulated glass windows which can be paired with a variety of materials like fiberglass, vinyl, or wood windows. 

  1. Noise reduction

With the extra number of glass panes used in manufacturing insulated glass windows, not only will keep heat where you want it with the season change, but you’ll have noise reduction too. Comfortable and quieter! .

  1. Less moisture accumulated

When you turn that heat up, insulated glass windows will keep the humidity high for better air quality control. They do this my blocking the moisture that cold can create, thus eliminating condensation.

  1. Safe and secure

Because insulated glass windows have multiple panes, it is harder to break them, making your home safer and more secure than single pane windows.  The multi pane windows also are stronger against acts of nature like hurricanes and the strong UV rays of the sun. 

What is the difference between insulated glass vs low e? 

The “E” is in reference to ‘emissivity’, a measurement of thermal energy being absorbed or reflected, like indoor heat and sunlight. A low-E coating can be applied to the exterior and interior of a glass surface like doors or windows. It allows the delivery of comfort while saving money on energy use. 

An exterior Low-E coating reflects the sun’s UV rays and the heat that creates. In the winter, it reflect the cold air away. An interior Low-E coating reflects the warm temperature back inside the house during the winter. 

When it comes to comparing Low-E glass and insulated glass, they actually are used to work together in creating a more energy-efficient door or window. While multi pane insulated glass is energy saving, with the addition of a Low-E coatings, the performance improves. 

insulated windows

Can insulated glass be resealed?       

A single pain of glass can be resealed, but insulated glass is multiple layers of glass. Once the seal is broken, the integrity of it is compromised. The only option is to have the entire window replaced. Calling the company that installed the insulated glass windows is recommended. They may take the broken window back to their plant or shop where they have the tools and the knowledge on how to repair insulated glass window.

You most likely can get insulated glass from a glass company, but most will suggest you let them make any replacements, and we have to agree.  There is safety in experience, knowledge, and having the right equipment and tools for installing insulation glass properly. Call 817-937-6267 today for your insulated glass installation in Fort Worth, TX.