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Which mirror is the most accurate?

bathroom mirror

Is there a specific type of mirror for bathrooms?  

Do you have that one wall that needs something, but you’re not sure what? That may be the wall to consider having a beautiful framed professional mirror installation. A mirror can give any room added depth, increase the lighting, and provide an object of beauty. Maybe it’s the formal dining room or formal living room, or even an attic or basement dance room in your home. 

For any of those areas, how to do know what kind of mirror, where to put the mirror, and how to hang it for a safe mirror installation? Whether you’re looking or a specific shape and style of mirror or you already have one. Perhaps you’re looking for a mirror with shelf, bathrooms can always use plenty of both, along with extra lighting.

A mirror is a mirror is a mirror, right?  Nope, that is incorrect!  We’re going to share with you a little lesson on the difference between a basic mirror and a bathroom mirror. Installation of the mirror is just one part of the mirror selection in your bathroom. 

Federal law states that everything in the bathroom must meet specific safety guidelines. From the fittings to the furnishing, including the bathtub, shower, and shower door, sink, toilet seat, exterior window and yes, the mirror.  

A mirror is transparent or translucent glass that is coated on the back with a reflective metallic material. A bathroom mirror must be made tempered glass, or aka, toughened glass. Which brings us to the question, “Can mirror be toughened and how? A mirror cannot be toughened once it becomes a mirror. The process must take place while it is still a piece of glass. 

The glass where mirror made goes through a tempering process before it becomes a mirror. There are two steps done to temper or toughen the glass that will become a mirror: 

  • The process includes going through an oven at 600 degrees Celsius or higher. 
  • Next, it goes through a ‘quenching’ procedure for a few seconds. There, the surface is hit with blasts of high-pressure air from an several nozzles in from varying angles. The outer surface is cooled faster than the center and that is where ethe tempered process happens. 

Another methods of tempering or toughening glass is chemically. An assortment of chemicals are exchange for ions on the glass surface, creating a compression. This is a more expensive process and not used as often. 

What could have happened when mirror breaks by itself?

It could have come off what was holding it in place If you have it installed by a professional mirror installation company, that would be on them to replace the mirror. Otherwise, it would have been from an internal stress fracture that occurred right after it completed the manufacturing process and the mirror glass had cooled. That stress could be from the impact of the air blasting, or the framed could have been warped. 

Can mirror be repaired?

A mirror is typically made with a thin aluminum or silver coating layered on one side of a smooth glass. Any small cracks or scratches can be repaired with a glass repair kit. For a mirror that is losing its silver backing, there is a re-silvering spray available. 

To have a mirror professionally re-silvered, pricing can start around $100 and go as high as $330 or more. The condition and size of the mirror will determine the final cost. Why so much? Re-silvering a mirror is complex that requires repairing the damaged layer of aluminum or silver on the back. Just like a professional mirror installation, the team will take extra care and time to do the job right as not to break the mirror. 

mirror above two sinks

Do you know why mirror reflects? 

We’re going to take a quick science lesson. As we stand in front of a mirror, we are seeing  conservation of energy doing magic on light. Remember, light is energy that travels at speeds of 186,000 miles per second. When that light hits something, any object, the energy does one of three things: 

  • It pass through if it hit a transparent object
  • It sinks in and disappears if hit an opaque or dark color object
  • It reflect back if hit a light-colored, shiny, or reflective object

So, as we look into a mirror during day, light is reflecting in all directions off our body, which is why you can see you and anyone around you and the mirror can see you.  Our clothes and skin reflect a diffused light with the light rays randomly bouncing off om a haphazard, no particular direction way. 

If you know you want to place a mirror in a particular place of any room, seeking help from professionals that are trained is recommended.  Yes, the small mirrors you can purchase online or in retail stores can be hung by you, but when it comes to antique, large, special, and unique mirrors, you want it hung right. Call 817-937-6267 today for your mirror installation in Fort Worth, TX.

How Insulated Glass Is Made

insulated glass

A glass marvel

Recently I had a salesperson come to my home and talk to me about having new windows installed. My home is 100 years old and the last time the windows were updated was in the 1960s. So, when he said they windows that could save me money on my monthly energy bills, I was intrigued. Not just for the money saving part, but I would have clean windows and good screens! Then he pulled out samples of windows, with and without insulated glass

As he went through his demo, he referred to them as IG windows and when I asked what IG stood for, he explained that is the acronym for ‘insulated glass’. Learn something new every day, but what does insulated glass mean? 

Insulated glass, IG to some of you, is glass that has been manufactured and treated so that it keeps the heat inside in the winter and out in the summer. Apparently, one of the biggest areas of energy wasted is through the windows. Again, learn something new every day! 

Insulated glass has numerous pieces of glass with either aluminum or other metal, or structural foam spacers between them. Then a gas is inserted into the space between the different pieces of glass, usually argon or krypton. All of these pieces create a single unit that is sealed and the entire glass system with the gas holds it all together, creating what is known as double-pane glass. When utilized for insulated glass for windows, it is often referred to as double-glazed glass or double-pane glass, and there is even  triple-pane and quadruple-pane glass today. 

Is insulated glass tempered?

Tempered  glass is a safety glass that is made tempered using a chemical treatment or controlled thermal process that increases the strength. The tempering process sets the outer surfaces into compressed state of being with the interior part of the glass, creating tension.

Insulated glass is made with two to four panes of glass that are spaced apart with either metal or foam and then sealed up to create a single assembly after air or a gas has filled the area between the panes and glass. A heat tempered glass may be used in this process. 

What are insulated glass benefits? 

The purpose of insulated glass for windows is to minimize the amount of heat going into a home in the summer and minimize the amount of heat escaping from the home in winter. Yet, the benefits do not top there. 

  1. Create a comfy and snug home

Windows made of insulated glass are an effective thermal barrier. As we just stated above, insulated glass retains the heat inside your home in the winter while keeping it out in the summer. During extreme temperatures in either direction, this is a great benefit. 

  1. Carbon footprint reduces, Energy costs saved  

While insulated glass windows are minimizing heat loss in the winter and cool air in the summer, the thermostat isn’t adjusted, thus saving power. Stay comfortable year round while saving money  is a definite win-win. 

Yes, right out of the gate, insulated glass windows are more expensive than other windows. When you consider the money you’ll save from cooling and heating your home though, you get your money back over time. 

  1. Wide range of options

The choices that insulated glass windows have are versatile and wide. Most come in a double-pane, but you can upgrade to triple, quadruple, or more, giving you even more insulation. Depending on the manufacturer, there are a number of gases used in constructing insulated glass windows which can be paired with a variety of materials like fiberglass, vinyl, or wood windows. 

  1. Noise reduction

With the extra number of glass panes used in manufacturing insulated glass windows, not only will keep heat where you want it with the season change, but you’ll have noise reduction too. Comfortable and quieter! .

  1. Less moisture accumulated

When you turn that heat up, insulated glass windows will keep the humidity high for better air quality control. They do this my blocking the moisture that cold can create, thus eliminating condensation.

  1. Safe and secure

Because insulated glass windows have multiple panes, it is harder to break them, making your home safer and more secure than single pane windows.  The multi pane windows also are stronger against acts of nature like hurricanes and the strong UV rays of the sun. 

What is the difference between insulated glass vs low e? 

The “E” is in reference to ‘emissivity’, a measurement of thermal energy being absorbed or reflected, like indoor heat and sunlight. A low-E coating can be applied to the exterior and interior of a glass surface like doors or windows. It allows the delivery of comfort while saving money on energy use. 

An exterior Low-E coating reflects the sun’s UV rays and the heat that creates. In the winter, it reflect the cold air away. An interior Low-E coating reflects the warm temperature back inside the house during the winter. 

When it comes to comparing Low-E glass and insulated glass, they actually are used to work together in creating a more energy-efficient door or window. While multi pane insulated glass is energy saving, with the addition of a Low-E coatings, the performance improves. 

insulated windows

Can insulated glass be resealed?       

A single pain of glass can be resealed, but insulated glass is multiple layers of glass. Once the seal is broken, the integrity of it is compromised. The only option is to have the entire window replaced. Calling the company that installed the insulated glass windows is recommended. They may take the broken window back to their plant or shop where they have the tools and the knowledge on how to repair insulated glass window.

You most likely can get insulated glass from a glass company, but most will suggest you let them make any replacements, and we have to agree.  There is safety in experience, knowledge, and having the right equipment and tools for installing insulation glass properly. Call 817-937-6267 today for your insulated glass installation in Fort Worth, TX.

How to install glass shelving

glass shelving system with towels

Glass shelving installation

What could make your custom built-in oak display case or China hutch look more elegant than custom glass shelving. Glass shelving is better than wood shelving because it keeps the display looking open, keeping your display of artifacts, books, creations, or that heirloom set of China the center piece of a room. These things are br brought to attention even more with glass shelving with lights. 

 Before you decide to go with glass shelving, you most likely have several questions about this set up. You needed answers to those questions so you can care for and maintain your custom glass shelving to get the most you can from the. Questions like should glass shelves be tempered? 

It depends on how and where they’re being used.  Glass shelves for standard residential use, glass shelving doesn’t need the glass to  tempered. In a commercial setting like a beauty salon, retail store, restaurant, then yes, tempered glass shelving is recommended.  Is glass shelving tempered that much different? Let’s discuss how glass shelving is manufactured and what tempering that glass shelving does for the glass.

The majority of architectural glass is produced by melting ash, dolomite, limestone, silica sand, soda, and sodium sulfate at 1480 degrees Celsius, then place it in a tin of molten to float. It then goes down a conveyor through a furnace called an annealing lehr, where the cooling process is controlled. The results are a  cooled, flat,  solidified material that is then cut into sheets. It is then shipped to factories where processes, like drilling, laminating, polishing, and tempering are performed.

If the glass is to be tempered, the additional process includes cutting it to size as it passes on rollers through a tempering oven set at 620 degrees Celsius. It will go through this tempering process one time and immediately a high pressure of air is ejected by several nozzles to “quench” the hot glass. 

The outer surfaced will cool faster than the center, and as the center cools, it pulls from the already cool, outer rigid surfaces. This results in the center remaining in tension as the outer surfaces are compression, creating the tempered strength.  

How much weight can glass shelving hold?

Simply placing all the artifacts, books, and nick-knacks on glass shelving isn’t recommended. You should know how to use glass shelving so that you don’t place to much and cause the glass shelving to brake loose from the fixture or wall where it is placed. This includes using the proper glass shelving hardware in addition to concern of the weight. 

To have glass shelving for a cabinet where books, fine China or decorative items will be displayed, the proper thickness is the first concern followed by the support system to be used.  That is where the weight load factor comes into consideration. 

The allowable load for glass shelving requires consideration of multiple factors  including: 

  1. Glass thickness of glass shelving
  2. Square footage of the glass shelving
  3. Distance between shelf glass shelving and brackets
  • Shelf Bracket Distance and the Weight Load

The shorter the distance between shelf brackets, the more weight  your glass shelving can support, even thinner glass. So, the long you choose your glass shelving to be, the more support brackets you should include. 

  • Glass Thickness and the Weight Load

The longer your glass shelving, the thicker glass you should choose, with recommendations between 3/8” inch thick and 5/8” inch thick to support heavier loads versus a quarter-inch thickness. Any glass shelving that is quarter-inch thick should have supporting brackets no more than 4” apart. 

  • Tempered Glass and the Weight Load

There are certain glass types that are stronger, such as tempered glass. When glass has been tempered, it is four times stronger than standard non-tempered glass. Reason tells us that the thicker glass shelving is, it will be stronger than thin glass shelving and able to support a heavier weight.

newly installed glass shelves

When is glass shelving with wire cables needed? 

Over time, retailers will change their store décor, and glass shelving with wire cabling has become a trend that many are using. This attractive and simplistic look gives a retailer a modern and stylish way to display their products, keeping them visible to the consumer. 

Suspension cabling can be utilized in other ways too when glass shelving is no longer the trend to follow, making it an economical and convenient accessory for retail decorating and displaying. Other ways that glass shelving with cabling is used other than retail is in bars and clubs, exhibitions and financial institutions, reception areas, showrooms and more. 

In addition to knowing how and where glass shelving can be used, keeping it looking good is just as important. This means that you should how to clean glass shelving the correct way to keep it clear and glistening.  The big secret to cleaning glass shelving is coffee filters!   
Yes, if you don’t have a clean microfiber cloth, the best way to clean glass shelving, tabletops, or windows is with a  coffee filter. This will give you a  streak-free shine just as good, if not better, than a squeegee. Need help with installing glass shelving in Fort Worth, TX? Call 817-937-6267 today.

What Is Window Glass Repair?

broken glass window

Can a window pane be replaced?

Every homeowner with window repair needs can’t always afford new windows. No matter how much money new window installation could save over time with utilities, that isn’t always an affordable option. This why having the knowledge and skill or knowing a person that does makes window repair for homes an option. 

It depends, are you looking for a quick and short-term solution or would you rather have a long-term solution?  The answer that question and considering the budget will determine if a window pane replacement is the way to go for you. 

Definitely the easier and less expensive thing is to replace the glass pane that is broken. It won’t make any aesthetic changes to the house like a completely new window. There are different window repair options when taking this route when you have a broken or cracked window pane. 

You can do the window repair yourself by simply removing the broken window pane of glass and replace with a new window pane. Doing a your own window repair, cost is the least expensive way, but there is always that slight bit of anger when working with broken glass. This is why most homeowners choose to have a professional company or contractor do the work, especially when the window repair requires a low-e coating glass. 

Who can fix my broken window?

The tradesman that removes broken glass then cuts and install new glass for window repair is called a glazier. They are typically employed or contract through a glass and mirror company. 

How do you temporarily fix a broken window?

The windows in your home are important and can be a financial investment. When one gets broken, window repair is essential in order to keep your home safe from the elements. If you don’t wait until a professional glazier is available to handle your window  repair, there are some temporary tricks you can use: 

  1. For chips and small cracks, using glue or nail varnish for filler will work for a temporary window repair. Clean the area with a toothbrush then apply the glue or varnish, allow to dry and then scrap any excess around the chip or crack and reapply again. Repeat till the chip or crack is filled with the glue or varnish. 
  2. For larger window cracks, should you tape a cracked window? Yes, if the glass is still intact within the window frame, clean around the window with a toothbrush to remove any loose glass splinters.  Then gently but firmly, place duct tape or masking tape over and 1” to 2” longer on each end of the crack. If pressing on the glass appears to cause it to loosen, a temporary window repair isn’t going to be sufficient, you’ll need to use the next tip. 
  3. For shattered window glass, knock out and remove the remaining glass while wearing gloves and protective eyewear.  Use a broom to sweep out any loose glass shards or splinters then vacuum the glass up. Next, using a thick plastic sheet or tarp, stretch it over the broken window securing with nails, screws or tape until a professional glazier is able to do a proper window repair. 
webbed crack in window glass

How do I repair windows?

Don’t let a cracked or shattered small window be a huge panic for you!  With the following steps, you can do your own window repair for little expense. A larger window, a high performance glass window, or windows with dual glazing though, you should hire the service of a professional glass dealer or glazier.  (or other high-performance glass), it’s usually smarter to call a glass dealer. They have the knowledge for window repair or parts are available with them. 

To do your own window repair, follow these instructions after you have put on gloves and protective eyewear: 

  1. Remove the broken glass and crisscross tape over the cracked pane with duct tape to keep glass pieces and shards from falling out.  
  2. Buy the same type of glass as what bork if possible so that it matches your house. Taking a large piece of the broken glass with you will help the associate match the new glass. If the broken glass is from a wooden window, chisel the old putty out of the slots or use a pair of glazier’s points with a long nose. Clean with a wire brush and then sand the wood. Next apply a wood sealer.
  3. Next, for wood window repair, apply a strand of glazing compound putty around the window opening and make a smooth bed with a putty knife or your fingers.
  4. Put the window pane in place and with damp rag, remove excess putty after pushing the glazier’s points in the frame with your putty knife.
  5. Apply more window putty around the pane, creating a tidy seal with a putty knife. Once the putty has dried, it can be painted. 

If the window repair is in a metal or vinyl sash, you can remove the parts that are retaining the glass by pulling the old glass out and have it reglazed then replace it in the sash while replacing the parts that keep it in place. 

Depending on how old the windows in your room are, window repair vs replacement with newer windows is something to consider if you can afford the expense.  There may be tax credits available to you for install energy efficient windows, and with the lower utility bills, this can help pay for them. Need help with window repair in Fort Worth, TX? Call 817-937-6267 today.

Should you put glass top on wood?

glass table top

How do you secure glass to a table top?

With the purchase of beautiful furniture for your home, you want to protect it so that the beauty lasts forever. Next to forbidding anyone using that beautiful furniture, what better way to protect the tables than with glass table tops.  Or adding a touch of elegance to a room with glass table tops and bases, specifically designed for a room. 

Today, we have the ability of getting glass table tops to order in the shape, size, and thicknesses we desire.  Glass table tops give a piece of furniture a touch of elegance while protecting it from accidents. For anyone that has never owned glass table tops, there are concerns and questions to assure they are getting the glass table tops that are right for their needs and purposes. 

Manufacturers of furniture with glass table tops usually do not secure the glass table tops to the furniture. This leaves the homeowner to secure any glass table tops, especially glass kitchen table tops, so that it isn’t a hazard for children or anyone else. The following are a few options for securing glass table tops: 

  • Clear Bonding Adhesive Gels: A clear bonding adhesive gel is strong and provides a permanent fix of glass table tops to the surface or base.  Putty is another option of securing glass table tops that is less toxic and removable and reusable. While the adhesive gel is clear, putty is colored, making it visible through glass table tops.  
  • Small Hardware: For glass table tops that require being secured for an extended time, one option would be a combination of glass brackets and clamps. While they hold glass table tops in place for that extended time, they are easily removed so that the table and the glass top can be moved easier. These brackets and clamps are commonly used for affixing a mirror to a wall or a glass frame to a storm door.  They do not create a seamless, smooth finish, but they are in expensive and provide a secure fastening. 
  • Velcro: A piece of NASA will provide a viable option to securing glass table tops to a base or frame that also allows it to be easily removed, a bonus for the cleaning aspect. Velcro mounting tape does is only available in black or white, requiring tablecloths if that doesn’t go with the décor in mind. 

How do you attach glass to a wood table top?

Glass table tops can give any table base a look of elegance, even one made of recycled shipping pallets. Create a unique coffee table, dining table, or an occasional table for the foyer or hall by attaching glass table tops to a wooden base to wooden tabletop. 

Because wood will contact and expand with the humidity and moisture, you need to use a strong, long lasting bonding method that is flexible. A silicone sealant will provide a good adhesion to the glass table tops and a moderate adhesion to the wood surface. For a good adhesion on both glass table tops and wood surface, use a polyurethane adhesive.

Should a glass table top be tempered?

A basic rule for glass table tops, if there are children or a concern of others with slipping and sliding of glass tables, tempered glass is recommended. Why? Tempered glass table tops are stronger, up to seven times strong regular annealed glass table tops. Tempered glass is considered a safety glass so should it fall, it doesn’t just break, it shatters, creating small pebbles that aren’t as dangerous as large pieces of broken glass. Any glass table tops that are between ¼: thick and 3/8″ thick are usually tempered.

What do you put under a glass table top?

Glass tabletops are an appealing and attractive style for coffee tables, dining tables, and others that allow the beauty of the base and table top to show through while protected.  There are table designs however where glass table tops ten to slide and slip, an annoying and dangerous situation. 

Fortunately, there are simple bumpers that can be installed between the gap of the glass and the table tops that supports the glass while holding it in place. These bumpers are typically not as obvious and visible, keeping the beauty of the clear glass intact. 

glass and wicker

What is the best thickness for a glass table top?            

Tempered glass tabletops are a perfect addition to any dining room. Glass table tops can make a simple table an elegant, formal table. They are long-lasting, heat resistant, and almost scratch resistant. 

The thickness of glass table tops is dependent upon the size of the table. A pedestal style table should have glass top no less than half an inch thick while a basic dining table, glass table tops of 3/16” is sufficient. 

You should also consider the use of the table when choosing glass table tops cut to size. If you plan to have a large number of guests frequently and the table is a 24” diameter, the glass table tops should be no less than ¼”. The larger the table, the thicker the glass is recommended. 

Glass table tops were once considered something only the rich would have in their homes. As glass has become more common place and less expensive to obtain, dining table have been adorned with glass around the globe. Choosing the right thickness of tempered glass will add beauty with safety. Call 817-937-6267 today for your glass table top in Fort Worth, TX.

How do you clean dirty glass?

woman cleaning a window

Keeping your glass and windows clear

The windows of your home are an integral part of its appearance, beauty, security, and value, even glass tabletops are an important part. So, when that glass is broken, cracked, or dirty, it is important to have them repaired or replaced immediately and properly. Whether is for the professional glass cleaning so the views are clear, and the energy-efficiency is working, or it is a decorative and safety matter, the proper approach is always best. 

Most of us attempt glass cleaning with the spray bottle of glass cleaner with paper towels, but few of us have found the ability to have glass cleaning without streaks. No matter how careful you approach the task, there seems to always be a smudge or a streak. So, what causes streaks on glass?  Well, it could be because you’re energetically cleaning windows on a warm, sunshine day. 

Yeah, so much for spring cleaning, right? Evaporation is a big and common problem with window glass cleaning. The window glass cleaning liquid solution you’re using is evaporating quickly and leaving a residue that we see as streaks. However, if that liquid window glass cleaning solution isn’t removed, you get streaks. 

Another problem that causes window glass cleaning streaks are the cleaning solution you choose. No, they are not all the same, even the ones that claim they are streak-free.  The next common problem that causes window glass cleaning streaks is the cloth or towel you’re using. A towels that isn’t absorbent will only spread the dirt and moisture, not  remove them, leaving behind streaks. 

Or you may be using a towel that sheds, which will leave debris, dust, and lint streaks. Or using a used towel will leave streaks. Now that we have uncovered the secret problem that causes those window glass cleaning streaks, so, how do you remove streaks from glass? 

  • Step One: With a dust-free microfiber cloth, go over the recently completed window glass cleaning with a tad of elbow grease.
  • Step Two:  If step one doesn’t work, using a bottle of Dawn dish soap (yes it has to be Dawn), and a window squeegee, apply some Dawn along the bottom in a small, then work your way up. No dripping, working fast and thoroughly with a little bit of elbow grease. area starting at the bottom of the window working upward, to avoid dripping. 
  • Step Three: Now dry the edges from the top working down sing a clean dust-free cloth.

How do you remove oxidation from glass?

If you have aluminum screens, that is your culprit for causing that window oxidation. With a little bit of  vinegar and the right tools, your window glass cleaning project will be easy and fast. The tools you’ll need are: 

  • Bucket of warm water
  • Soft window brush with a long broom handle
  • A water hose with a nozzle
  • Create a window glass cleaning home brew of one gallon water, two tablespoons heavy-duty soap with Trisodium Phosphate, half a cup vinegar, and a drop of liquid dish soap. 
  • Attach the soft brush to the broom handle using the water hose with a nozzle, pre-wet the windows then apply the window glass cleaning brew with the brush. Work one window at a time so they don’t dry faster than you can complete them. 
  • Repeat the job once you made one round, washing the trim surrounding the windows this time. 
  • Now, using the water hose and nozzle, rinse the windows and allow to dry like they would after a summer rainstorm and clean the screens while the windows are drying. Use the same procedure you did with the windows, leaving the screens in the driveway. 

How do you remove cloudiness from glass windows?

When the usual soap and water isn’t doing the job,  cleaning glass that is cloudy may take something a little stronger. You probably have them around your home already: rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Believe it or not glass cleaning with alcohol or white vinegar isn’t anything new, they’ve been used for year.  Now follow these simple steps:

1). With a microfiber cloth, dust the window frame and windowsills.

2). Fill a spray bottle halfway with cool tap water then finish filling with the rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. Screw the lid on good and shake gentle to mix the ingredients. 

3). Adjust the spray bottle to a mist and spray a small amount on the window. 

4). Using a paper towel, coffee filter, or newspaper, wipe the window. 

5). If the cloudy window glass cleaning is needed for a large window, you’ll need to use a squeegee and work from the top to the bottom horizontally. 

squeegee on window

How do you stop windows from smearing?

Oh what we can do with everyday household products!  Fabric softener and warm water is the best way mirror and window glass cleaning product! Mix even amounts of fabric softener and warm water then dip a clean cotton cloth in the mixture and wipe over mirrors and windows.  Not only are you going to have smear-free windows, but your home will smell fresh too! 

Can glass cleaning cloths be washed?

With these three methods, yes: 

  1. Clean your window glass cleaning cloths without water by simply shaking them to remove dirt and dust. 
  2. Wash your window glass cleaning cloths by hand using cold water and a few drops of bleach free, softener free mild soap.  
  3. Wash your window glass cleaning cloths in a washing machine with a bleach free and softener free detergent, then allow to air dry.

Get started with quality glass and windows in your home in Fort Worth, TX. Call 817-937-6267 today.

How do you put a mirror on the wall?

Bathroom mirror

Professional mirror hanging

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do you hang there so strong and tall? Ahhh, that would be by professional mirror installation service!  Yes, there is such a thing as professional mirror installation for those mirrors that are framed, heavy, and/or large in size. 

Why would you hire a mirror installation company to hang your mirror? Because there are mirrors that are more than just a basic mirror, you can hang on a wall yourself. Some mirrors come from various shapes, sizes, and weights that the basic nail or picture hanger can hold. These professional mirror installation crews hang mirrors in businesses and homes that cover an entire wall. Or a heavy, special cut framed or unframed mirror.  

If you were to purchase a 5-foot square, frameless mirror for your bathroom renovation job, would know how much weight can drywall hold without a stud? Professional mirror installation services are done by crews that have been trained on knowing exactly how much weight drywall with or without studs can hold. Why is this important? So the 5-foot square mirror doesn’t fall and break!  

The amount of weight you can put on drywall depends on exactly how much the mirror, or any object, weighs. Even a lightweight mirror with a lightweight frame can fall off when nothing more than a basic nail is used. The untrained person takes a hit or miss chance at doing their own mirror installation. Getting it to hang straight and safely, especially a heavy mirror, isn’t an easy task.

When you hire a mirror installation service, the technician will know what hardware and technique will hold your mirror. Whether it is a 5 pound or 100 pounds framed mirror, they have the experience, knowledge, and skills.

How do you attach a frameless mirror to the wall?

To do a frameless mirror installation on a wall, whether it is a large wall mirror installation or a unique oval mirror,  takes a certain technique. If hiring a professional mirror installation service isn’t feasible, or you want to do it yourself, the following steps will guide you through the process so that your mirror installation is safe and secure. 

Step One: Identify the Spot and Mark It

Select the specific spot that your new mirror will look its best. Mark the bottom corners and top corners of the mirror while holding it up in that spot, using a pencil or marker. With a heavy mirror or large mirror, enlist some help to hold the mirror or mark the corners.  Choose a good sturdy type of clip, and if the mirror is large and heavy, use a Z-clip. 

Step Two:. Check the Spot to Be Flat

Ensure the area you want your mirror installation is flat so that the clip will be secure to the wall and the mirror. You can verify this by sliding something flat and straight over the area. If there are bumps, you can make sure your mirror installation is between the bumps or find another area.

Step Three: Get it Straight

To get the mirror installation straight, you need exact measurements, using a level, and mark the spots for the clips. 

Step Four: Find and Mark the Stud Edges

Most interior walls have wall studs that are evenly spaced. Using a stud finder or tap along the wall until you hear a solid sound to locate the studs. Then mark the two sides of each stud in the area of your mirror installation. Stand back and observe where these marks will place the mirror and make any adjustments if needed.

Step Five: Drill Pilot Holes

Using a power drill, make pilot holes for the plastic wall anchors and hammer them in flush with the wall. Then install the bottom clips.

Step Six: Mark the Top Clip Placement

Place the level vertically on the bottom clip and draw a line upward from each bottom clip so that is is aligned with the top edge of the mark you made for the mirror and mark the next set of pilot holes. 

Step Eight:  Drill the Top Pilot Holes

Now drill the top pilot holes you have marked, using the plastic wall anchors to level them if they are off a little. Hammer them in until wall flushed. Screw the top clips into the hole. 

Step Eight: The Last  Step

Carefully slide the mirror into the bottom clips and slowly tilt the mirror toward the wall until flush with the wall. Now, fit top clips into the top brackets and fasten them together with the screws provided so that mirror is firmly in place. 

Notes: By doing this mirror installation yourself, you’ve saved money, but if you break or crack the mirror in the process,  you have no recourse other than buying another mirror. By hiring a professional mirror installation service, they take all responsibilities. 

Are mirror clips necessary?

Mirror clips and channel tracks are two common techniques for mirror installation, both are valid, and both are used by glass and mirror installation professionals. There are some circumstances where one is better than the other, and having a clear understanding of these two will help you determine which technique is best for mirror installation in your business or home.

Mirror clips: 

  • Securely but temporary
  • For curved edges and no hanging brackets


  • Straight edges and not resting on a permanent facade
  • For a frameless look without obvious metal elements

Use J-channel:

  • Straight edges and will not resting on a permanent facade
  • A thin metal strip along the lower edge is desired

How much weight can mirror clips hold?

 Mirror installation clips are available in any big box home improvement stores. A typical package will have four pieces and will state on the package the weight limit. A package that states 20 lb. shouldn’t be used for a mirror or any wall hanging that exceeds that weight limit. 

long wide bathroom mirror

How do you hang a heavy mirror without a stud?

Of course, the preferred method for mirror installation is into wall studs. Unfortunately, studs are rarely in the places you would like to install your mirror. In that case, hollow-wall anchors, or more commonly referred to as molly bolts, are excellent.  Hollow-wall anchors or molly bolts come in different sizes and styles that can be used on any wall, including drywall or plaster, even a hollow concrete block. The different types of hollow-wall anchors are: 

  • Expandable Metal Anchors
  • Wall Claw Anchors
  • Toggle Bolts
  • Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors

A mirror installation in bathrooms may be one of the trickiest installations next to full wall mirrors. These are the mirror installations best left to the professionals as they are the most vulnerable to causing injury or more damage than just to the mirror. Call 817-937-6267 today for your mirror installation in Fort Worth, TX.

Is Energy Efficient Glass Worth the Investment?

energy efficient glass installation

Energy Efficiency Through Glass

We’ve discussed the energy efficiency that ample and professionally installed insulation can provide a home. Hot air rises, so during the winter, when that warm air your heater had dispersed through your home rises, attic insulation will keep it down, where you need it. Still not warm enough or costing too much to heat up your home? Have you looked into having energy efficient window installed? 

What is the difference between energy efficient windows vs regular windows? Just what makes a window energy efficient? There are three big differences between these two windows, and once you’ve read this and did some research on your own, energy efficient window installation will be on your to-do list. 

  • Structure: Regular windows are a single pane glass that allows heat to escape during the winter, increasing the heating bill by 25% or more.  During the  summer, the heat flow is reversed and warm UV rays beam through the windows, causing the air conditioning to work harder which raises the energy bill.  The frame around regular windows are highly conductive material, aluminum, or wood. An energy efficient window is made with multiple glass panes that minimize transfer of heat with the insulated air spaces placed between the panes. Energy efficiency is increased more by nontoxic gas like argon or krypton, along with low-conductivity spacers.
  • Coating: An additional way to control heat transferring is to apply a low-emissivity coating to the surface of window glass. At the factory, this coating is applied to the exterior side of the glass panes. Energy efficient windows have a coating is a metallic oxide or microscopically thin metal layers  applied that can keep your home cooler by reflecting the summer UV rays. This low-e coating on windows interior the winter maintain indoor temperatures prevents that expensive heat from escaping. 
  • Bonus: Energy Star: Why get energy efficient windows? Energy efficient windows with the Energy Star label means they are energy efficient by federal guidelines standards. The Energy Star program is one of many to promote environmentally friendly and energy saving practices. There are tax credits and rebates to entice a homeowner to purchase them, and the savings on utility bills give you a ROI. 

What is the most energy efficient window?

With energy efficient window installment, you’ll increase your home’s energy efficiency while reducing the energy bills, which will save money. You want to get the best possible for the money to get the most savings, and the best energy efficient window to do that are casement windows. The design of casement windows are seal on all the way around and when the window is closed, the sash pushes firmly against the frame, keeping air from passing through. 

When a window won’t seal securely, air leak around the frame and sash, letting cold air inside in the winter and cooled air out in the summer. This will have you adjusting the thermostat, making the air or furnace work harder, which affects the utility bills. 

Are vinyl windows energy efficient?

Vinyl windows today are energy efficient windows, because of features like Low-E coated glass, frames that are foam-enhanced, and warm edge spacers. All of these features will reduce energy transfer while limiting the impact of light penetration. 

These are things that will help your HVAC system regulate indoor temperatures easier all year long. This is a big bonus for homes where the climate fluctuates.

How can I tell if my windows are energy efficient?

Are a few easy and quick things you can do that will tell you if you have energy efficient windows or not.

  • The U-Factor: This is the measurement of heat transferred through the glass. On the frame of the windows, if you find an NFRC rating label, this will give you the U-Factor. from the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) on them, so you can check what U-factor the windows have been rated at.
  • The Framing: Another feature that will tell you that you have energy-efficient windows is the framing.  Most windows are aluminum or vinyl material, older homes that have never been updated will have wood frames, the least energy-efficient windows. Insulated vinyl windows are the best at being energy-efficient windows, reducing the heat loss, and minimizing air leaks.
  • Are They Single Pane or Double Pane: Double pane windows are more energy efficient windows compared to single-pane windows because of the layers and thicker glass.
energy efficient windows

Can you make old windows energy efficient?

The majority of the heat lost in your home is through the windows from air drafts, typically wooden windows. Fortunately, this and other minor repairs can make your windows energy-efficient windows with a little elbow work.

Step One: Cold air leaks through cracked panes, disintegrating putty, cracked frames, and around windows that don’t shut properly. A few minor repairs to these things will give you some mileage until you’re ready to invest in energy-efficient windows. 

Step Two: For drafty windows, add weatherstripping or insulating materials in the gaps so that it helps your window close up when shut and make them energy-efficient windows. 

Step Three: Replacement windows are necessary to get those energy-efficient windows and the effect of double-pane windows. Purchase storm windows at a fraction of the cost and you’ll get an ROI in 4 to 5 years. 

Are energy efficient windows good?  Yes, all windows with the ENERGY STAR rating will provide the following benefits: 

  • Save Money – energy bills are lower with energy-efficient windows because you’ll use less energy. It also reduces your carbon footprint. 
  • Comfort – With energy-efficient windows, no ore cold drafts in the winter or overheated space in the winter. 
  • Protection – With the Low-e coating on energy-efficient windows, there are fewer UV rays coming through to damage your carpet, floors, and furniture.

Call 817-937-6267 today to get started with energy efficient glass in Fort Worth, TX.

How do I make my shower handicap accessible?

walk in glass shower

Are walk in showers a good idea?

If you watch enough television, you’ve seen the commercial for handicap showers installation recently. Maybe you’re watching those commercials and thinking to yourself, who would need that, and why? There could be any number of reasons why these are gaining popularity.

It could be from an accident or simply just getting older, but for many people, taking a bath or shower isn’t as easy and relaxing as it once was. It is the simple pleasures in life you miss when your mobility becomes restricted. Handicap showers and bathtubs give you that simple pleasure in life to end your day and relax.

In recent years, watching home remodeling and renovation shows, the kitchen and bathroom are the main focus. These are two areas that a family will spend most of their time.  In the kitchen, a prevalent remodeling trend is the farmers’ sink, and in the master bathroom, the trend is a walk-in or handicap showers or baths.

What are the benefits of these handicap showers? Are there benefits to reconfigure the current shower and bath setup for this conversion? Here are some pros that can help you get some insight into why handicap showers and baths are heading to be the norm instead of the exception:

Elegance Understated 

If you’re remodeling or renovating a bathroom, you want it to be modern and stylish, and handicap shower with no door and threshold offer that while they seamlessly blend in with the rest of the bathroom. These are the big and clunky things you’ve seen in the hospital rehab and therapy rooms. You can install a handicap shower and bathtub with an interconnected facade that will unify without creating a distraction.

Improved Accessibility

Baby boomers are the most significant part of the population right now. We are also the majority of homeowners, and we’re at a time in our lives where we can afford and have time for remodeling and renovating our homes. We are also getting older! And while we’re getting older, our mobility is becoming more limited. So, to make our home we love so dearly more accessible, these handicap showers and bathtubs are a must!  If we haven’t fallen and broken a hip yet, and we have the option to remove one of the dangers in our home, then why not?

Easy Cleaning

Again, baby boomers are looking at what makes life easier as we get older. Not only are handicap showers an elegant and safe addition to our remodeled bathrooms, but they are also easier to clean than you may think.  There nooks and crannies are fewer, the surface is smooth nonporous, making it easier and faster to clean. Albeit decorative, gone is the shower curtain that gets dingy and moldy.

What are ADA requirements?  

Today, thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there are required guidelines on everyday things like bathtubs and handicap showers. In addition to the dimensions, which we will discuss next, the ADA sets requirements to be standard in every public goods and service in all commercial and public buildings. Those things are carrying over into homes today, like the handicap shower requirements.

What is the size of a handicap shower?

There are two styles of handicap showers that must meet specific interior dimensions:

ADA Transfer Shower

  • These handicap showers are designed for a person to safely transfer themselves from their wheelchair to the wall-mounted handicap shower seat and have easy access to the shower controls while seated. The ADA Guidelines specify for the inside shower dimension to be 36” x 36” with a threshold to be half an inch above the finished floor.

ADA Roll-in Shower

  • These handicap showers are designed for wheelchair accessibility into the shower. The ADA Guidelines specify the inside shower dimension to be 60” x 30” or larger so that there is enough room for the wheelchair-bound person to enter the shower in their wheelchair. The threshold must be half an inch high above the finished bathroom floor.

Additionally, handicap showers and baths must have handicap shower bars to help with getting up and down, in and out of the shower or bath.

shower with a handicap handle

Does a walk in shower add value?

Walk-in showers today are designed to meet the various needs of every household. For a household with children or elderly occupants, safety is a crucial factor that handicap showers provide. Low step-in height, built-in, contoured seating, and anti-slip flooring are vital features, and overall ADA-compliant design can make your home stand out on the market.

When you factor in upgrades like heated floors and luxury tile or beautiful laminate flooring that mocks the appearance of luxury tile, walk-in handicap showers are that value-add item that can make the difference that sells your house at the full asking price.

The most common question for seniors that are considering the benefits of handicap showers and baths is, “Will Medicare pay for a handicap shower?”. The simple, straight answer is no. Medicare does not pay for handicap showers and bathtubs. The longer answer, they may reimburse part of the cost after it has been installed. Maybe.

There isn’t any guarantee that you’ll get a partial reimbursement, but there is a guarantee you won’t get fully refunded.  Sorry, that isn’t what you want to hear, but it is the truth. It doesn’t cost anything more to ask for reimbursement, so make sure you do this the right way after the installation is complete. 

First, get your doctor to prescribe handicap showers for you. If you want Medicare to reimburse you for anything, you need a doctor’s prescription, and handicap showers are no different than wheelchairs. Next, you need to shop around for quotes and choose the best one for your needs that you can afford without Medicare’s assistance. The cost should include the remodeling needed because handicap showers and tubs have different requirements in space and plumbing fixtures. Once you make the purchase and the install is complete, you need to make multiple copies of your doctor’s prescription and detailed invoice. Mail it all to the address on your Medicare card and wait. If they do send you a check for partial reimbursement, you can use that money to add-on and upgrade some of the accessories and handicap shower ideas you’ve been checking. Call 817-937-6267 today for expert glass installation.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Window?

energy efficient windows

What is the Most Energy Efficient Window?

One of the most important investments a homeowner can make is in their Low – E energy-efficient windows. This is for a bevy of reasons. Simply put, highly insulated windows create more insulation in the home. With multiple layers of glass, the spaces between the panes are turned into a vacuum or filled with a gas of lower thermal conductivity and heat capacity than air. Argon and krypton are gases that can be used for this process. In turn, it’s important to mention “double glazing”. Double glazing refers to the use of two panes of glass with an evacuated space between or a high-performance fill-gas.

How Can Windows Be More Energy Efficient?

Are you wondering how you can make your windows more energy efficient? Please review the following bullet-pointed list to discover more about how to maximize the energy efficiency in your home. 

  • If there are any gaps in your windows, seal them. Particularly in older homes, gaps can be a very pervasive and serious problem. If you detect a draft when you pass by a window, then it is important to contact a repairman as convenience allows it.
  • Double glazed windows will assist with energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is a must in both older and new homes. Double glazed windows not only increase the amount of insulation in a home, but they also decrease the amount of noise that comes in from the street.
  • Upgrade the window frames. When you are replacing your windows you have the opportunity to also upgrade to energy-efficient window frames. Homeowners would be wise to select windows that have the Window Energy Rating Scheme, which is represented by the acronym, WERS. If the frames are rated a five, then you will have the most efficient window frames on the market.

Do New Windows Help with Energy Efficiency?

If you are considering heightening your home’s energy efficiency, but are hesitant about installing new windows, you will be delighted to find that new studies recommend new window installation. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners can save anywhere from $126 to $465 a year by replacing single-pane windows. If homeowners decide to opt with replacing double-paned windows with energy-efficient windows, then they will still save money in the long term, but with less of an impact. According to the study, homeowners can plan on saving twenty-seven to one-hundred and eleven dollars a year.

Is it Worth Getting New Windows?

New windows have the benefit of upgrading the home in a unique and effective way, but the question remains as to whether it will pay for itself in the long run. According to leading research on the topic, the overall cost to replace windows is ultimately worth the money that you will spend. Homeowners can expect to recoup approximately seventy to eighty percent of the window replacement costs through the home’s market value. For example, if you spent four hundred dollars on new windows, then you will increase your home’s value by $280 to $320.

What is ROI On New Windows?

ROI stands for ‘Return on Investment.’ For windows, the aspect of energy efficiency is a great consideration. Window replacements can also be considered a safety feature as well. The independent variable to bring into mind when thinking about cost is the number of windows that will be replaced. Property owners and developers can expect a return on investment at about seventy percent.

How Energy Efficient Windows Work

Are you wondering how energy efficient windows work? The process is fairly straightforward. Low-E glass is used to help block the rays of the sun as they penetrate the glass. As a matter of fact, Low-E glass can block up to ninety percent of the sun’s rays. This means that when it is cold outside that you will remain warmer inside and vice versa. Furthermore, there are many glazing options which include tints, gas fills, and reflective coatings.

How Are Energy Efficient Windows Made

Insulated windows are made of multiple pieces of glass which are then separated by spacers made of either metal or structural foam. Between the panes of glass, as previously mentioned, you may find a noble gas like argon or krypton.

What are Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-saving windows, also known as energy-efficient windows, are designed to prevent the hot or cold air from escaping your home. The insulation provided by windows reduces your overall home’s energy usage and your bills. 

Single Hung Windows, Single Hung Window Replacement

Do Energy Efficient Windows Pay for Themselves

Energy-efficient windows are a wonderful investment in a property. However, it is important to conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis that includes how long you plan to own the property and how much money you will want to save in the long term.

When you would like an experienced professional to speak with you about energy-efficient windows in Fort Worth, TX, you can rely on our team to help. Please reach out to us at 817-937-6267 to discover more about how we can increase your home’s energy efficiency today.